Leading Off (6/3/14)

Hi, Tuesday.

Thieves Are Coming for Your Used Cooking Oil. Lewisville cops recently arrested four people accused of stealing the used cooking oil stored behind restaurants all over the city. Sounds icky for sure, but the stuff is valuable. If you’re interested in the topic, you should read this New Yorker story about cooling oil thievery from last year. That’s the sort of deep context hyperlinkage you’ve come to expect from FrontBurner.

Scramble for Free Cash Not So Lucrative. You heard about the @HiddenCashDFW thing yesterday? It started in San Francisco, where a wealthy guy hid about $100,000 around the city and then offered clues on Twitter. In the Dallas version, people filled Victory Park, looking for more of the same sort of scavenger hunt. In all, folks found $290. So that was totally worth it.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Hiding Camera in Grapevine Restaurant. Here’s a tip if you’re a creeper and you’re going to hide a camera in a Braum’s bathroom: don’t leave pictures of yourself on the camera.


  • D. Shapiro

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