Leading Off (6/30/14)

Dallas Police Department makes a major mistake, John Wiley Price to meet with feds, and more.

Price May Meet With Prosecutors Wednesday. His lawyer, Billy Ravkind, has encouraged Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who has been under criminal investigation for at least three years, to accept an invitation to sit down with the U.S. Attorney’s office. This could mean an indictment of some kind is finally imminent. Ravkind says they’ll take any charges to court.

Vandals Target Oak Lawn. The vandals tagged the ‘Legacy of Love’ monument, dedicated to the neighborhood’s diversity, with the numbers ‘666’, and painted ‘666’ in the driveway of Cathedral of Hope, noted for its LGBTQ membership. The vandals also found their way to the Dallas Observer building. “No suspects or motives have been identified.” Anyone want to hazard a guess?

Two Family Members Have Same Surname, Maybe Look Similar, Dallas Police Find. This is probably a more-or-less honest mistake, since apparently Yaqub Talib’s pals told police he played for the Denver Broncos. But I’m still confused about pretty much everything that led up to DPD spokesman Max Geron thinking it was a good idea to send out several #BreakingNews tweets that they had arrested Aqib Talib, Broncos cornerback, inside Synn Nightclub Saturday night. It was in fact Talib’s drunk and disorderly brother, Yaqub. This misidentification took nearly three hours to correct.

Elvis Lives (And Gets Adopted). An all’s-well-that-ends-well story for your morning. A German Shepherd named Elvis was found, horribly, wandering the HOV lane near Interstate 35E and Highway 67 last week. Crazily enough, he was rescued unharmed. He got a new home on Sunday.


  • Phelps

    “No suspects or motives have been identified.” Anyone want to hazard a guess?

    About half the time, this sort of “hate-crime” deal is a false-flag, done for sympathy and “awareness”.

    • BradfordPearson

      Not sure “half the time” would stand up to even the most basic of scrutiny.

  • Ed Woodson

    My God. Look at how anomalous the median age is for UP. That’s crazy. No wonder HPISD is bursting at the seams.