Leading Off (6/27/14)

Teacher pay raise, athletic scandal investigation, and the Rangers' slide continues.

Dallas Teachers Get 3-percent Raise.  The Dallas ISD board approved a $1.3 billion budget last night, including the pay hike for teachers. A first-year teacher will earn $47,382. The district’s new performance-pay initiative will begin next school year as well, with evaluations under the system beginning, though the resulting compensation changes won’t take effect until the following year.

DISD Releases Report on Recruiting Scandal. The findings of the investigation reveal the details of “a sports culture at some DISD schools in which rules were ignored and students were fraudulently allowed to play on teams.” Fifteen athletic department employees were fired as a result. In one case, a coach faked a lease on a South Dallas house so that his son could play at Madison High School. When investigators visited the home, the woman who answered the door first said no students lived there, but then changed her story and showed them to a room in which there were cigarettes and a bottle of vodka but no signs of a teenage student’s belongings.

Rangers Lose Eighth Straight. The injury-depleted team continue their slide, having been swept by the Detroit Tigers. Former Ranger Ian Kinsler, traded away during the offseason, got his revenge against his former club by going 6 for 12 with four runs and four RBI in the series. At eight games under .500, the Rangers’ playoff odds now sit at 1.7%.