Leading Off (6/25/14)

Your annual reminder to never, ever drive through feet of standing water. And a few other things.

Storms Cause Massive Flooding Across Fort Worth: Much of the West Seventh Street area of the city sat under feet of water following a rapid three inches of rain, forcing dozens of water rescues city-wide. Your annual reminder to not drive into standing water is this video, which is absolutely batty.

Vonciel Jones Hill’s Pool Is a Dump: Typically, Leading Off is used to highlight stories of the overnight variety, but this is too good to neglect. Current Observer writer and former D Empire employee Eric Nicholson made his way to the alley behind City Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill’s house and, acting on a tip, found that her pool is to mosquitos what Sisu is to sideways-hat wearing beefcakes. When asked why the breeding ground wasn’t better maintained, Hill said her pool maintenance didn’t consist of mosquito dunks but rather “the stuff they put in the water to make it turn blue.” West Nile, it’s for the children.

Contractor Pleads Guilt to Bilking Plano ISD Out of Millions: Millions! How does someone not notice that $2.5 million slipped out of the district’s coffers? Was it all petty cash? Was it laundered through the basketball snack bar?

Bees Kill Two Dogs, Injure Man: My plan originally with this item was to a.) tell everyone to run and hide in terror, then b.) make a Thomas J joke. It would’ve done well, I think. Then I saw the tags on this story—attack, bees, swarm, Wu-Tang Clan—and plans changed. Now it’s a full-fledged props to CBS reporter Andrea Lucia (or the web producer who tagged the story). Well done, CBS.

Yes, That’s Two Wu-Tang References in One Post: Deal with it.