Leading Off (6/24/14)

It’s the Tim Went On Vacation And Forgot To Assign a Replacement And So Now He Owes Me One Or At Least Part of One (And Also Brad Since He Wrote Half of This) Edition.

SMU To Start Selling Alcohol At Football Games. Related: I’m going to start going to football games.

Fountain Place Sells For $200 Million. I was outbid at the last second, so I’m still in the market for new digs.

Mike Rawlings Is a Good Host. So he’s got that going for him. Feels more like the work of Citizen Mike.

Maybe Don’t Skip Jury Duty Next Year. A group of Dallas County judges is asking the Commissioners Court to approve fines for jury-skippers, since, apparently, turnout is only 19 percent. Nineteen percent!

Missing Mountain Biker Found Dead. Wesley Hixson was was found dead near Twin Coves Marina in Flower Mound Monday, two days after he was reported missing near Grapevine Lake. More than 100 rescuers searched for Hixson over the weekend, over rocky and steep terrain.


  • jmckee

    I was put on the backup list for jury duty a few months ago, I called to ask the odds about being called in to I could attempt to plan my day around the possibility better and was told they hadn’t called anyone in as a backup in years.

    In theory I agree, it’s an important duty and I would personally never skip it unless I had a previous obligation but as there is clearly not a functionary problem with attendance and only a moral one I don’t see any reason to add fines and bureaucracy that only serves to punish people that inadvertently failed to attend or just care so little about the process they refuse to.

  • Tim Rogers

    I miss you guys terribly.