Leading Off (6/19/14)

Residents Say Sam’s Club Developer and the City Didn’t Follow Rules. There’s a Dallas Plan Commission hearing today to discuss the residents’ issues — not being given proper notice in writing that a big-box store was moving in, and also the fact that Trammell Crow does not have a special use permit for the Sam’s Club. Anyway, I think we can all agree that a Costco is better suited for that location.

Kids Injured in Fall From Moving Car. It happened in Crowley on the way back from a neighborhood pool. Four of the kids (ranging in age from 8 to 14) were on the trunk and two were on the hood, because their clothes were wet. Kisha Young, the driver (and mother of some of the kids), failed a field sobriety test. Let’s just say that last sentence is not stunning information.

Crazy Dallas Divorce Alert! Hit the Funkmaster Flex bomb sound: “A wealthy Dallas real estate developer claims in a lawsuit that his wife had an affair with her plastic surgeon, secretly sold a $1.1 million diamond to promote a book and planned to replace the diamond with cubic zirconia. The wife, who filed for divorce last month, separately claims her husband tried to extort $10 million from the plastic surgeon and threatened to ruin his reputation before suing him.” My reaction.


  • TheSlowPath

    You can always tell a Zac Crain Frontburner post, it’s the one with gratuitous use of old school hip hop references.


    • zaccrain

      That is my brand, yes.

  • Bushwood Smithie

    “Anyway, I think we can all agree that a Costco is better suited for that location.”

    Obviously the folks at Costco didn’t agree.

  • zaccrain

    Sorry, I didn’t use our “obvious joke” font.

  • OxBowIncident

    I wish they would just build a Schlitterbahn there instead.