Leading Off (6/18/14)

It's just more sad stuff, as usual. Plus one good thing about DISD that I'm sure someone will soon turn around and say is a bad thing.

Richard Durrett Has Died: The ESPN Dallas reporter and radio host apparently died of a brain aneurysm. His Facebook page is littered with remembrances and farewells. Prior to his time with ESPN, he spent nine years at the Morning News. I never had the pleasure, but hopefully other media folk will come along and say nice things. He was 38.

Man Faces 95 Years in Jail After Giving HIV to Teen: Matthew Reese is working on so many scummy levels it’s hard to know which one to start on. When he was 30, he carried on a relationship with a 15-year-old. After he was in jail for that, he kept writing her, saying he loved her (Also asked for cash). Turns out he knew he was HIV-positive during the entirety of the relationship. He also looks like this.

Oak Cliff Teen Attacked, Stabbed By Classmates: The 15-year-old was walking home with four other teens from summer school when the walk turned violent. The boy was stabbed more than 20 times, with a screwdriver.

DISD Graduation Rate Continues to Climb: The district’s 2013 graduation rate was 84 percent, more than a 20 percent increase from 2007. In 2012, 81 percent of students finished their degree in four years.


  • John Clark

    Sad, shocking news! I sang with Richard and his wife in the choir at Northway Christian Church and followed his excellent sports coverage at the DMN and ESPN Dallas. A truly good man with a beautiful family. This SO sucks! My heart goes out to all his friends and family.

  • Brandon Snook

    Such a tragedy about Richard, and furthers my fear of aneurysms. His ESPNDallas articles were a bright spot in a sea of sports hacks, IMHO. May he rest in peace.