Leading Off (6/17/14)

Tuesday! USA! USA!

Allen Eagle Stadium Is Officially Broken. While folks await more details, last night at a meeting of the Allen ISD, it was revealed that a firm hired by the district, Nelson Forensics, identified “shortcomings in the engineering and/or construction” of the stadium. Recall that this is the $60 million football stadium with cracks in it. I’m sure Nelson Forensics is a fine company. No question they do tremendous work. But I’m also dead positive that if you hired me at, say, $100 per hour, it would have taken me less than two hours (I want to put some insulation in my garage ceiling, which is how the $200 would be useful) to determine that the cracks in the concrete at the stadium were the result of shortcomings in the engineering. Or, you know, shortcomings in the construction. I would have ruled out shortcomings in the space-time continuum. Just so you know.

Clint Dempsey’s Old Coach From Frisco Is Pretty Happy. If you didn’t watch yesterday’s match between USA and Ghana, then move along to the next item. Otherwise, check out this cute story about Dempsey’s former coach. And, once again, I apologize on behalf of the entire D Magazine staff for all the broken glassware yesterday at the Old Monk. USA! USA!

Sad News in Rowlett. A lady killed her boyfriend, then herself. Just horrible.