Leading Off (6/16/14)

Future Dallas, the Perot Museum's Missing Exhibit, Josh Brent, and Parkland Problems.

Future Dallas: Making Strides, Facing Challenges. If you opened the plastic bag full of ads in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News, you found the special report. If not, it’s here, examining the state of Dallas 10 years after it published its “Tipping Point” report. The results then were that Dallas ranked poorly in crime, education, and economic growth. Ten years later, the DMN reports, we’ve improved in one area–public safety.

Where’s the Perot Museum’s Climate Change Exhibit? Well whoops. The nature and science museum’s VP of programs is saying that a 4-by-2.5-foot panel addressing the subject was lost before the museum opened. Now, more than a year later, they’re ordering a temporary panel be hung in the earth sciences hall while they wait for the permanent piece to arrive. Turns out they didn’t realize the panel was missing until reporters started poking around. Hmm.

Josh Brent Released From Jail. The former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle served time for intoxication manslaughter following the car crash that killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown. No word on whether he’ll try to be reinstated in the NFL.

Patient Abuse Reported at Parkland. In March, a psychiatric patient spat at nurses and was subsequently restrained and gagged with a toilet paper roll. It took more than three weeks for the hospital to report the incident. One of the nurses involved was also involved in a 2011 incident in which a psychiatric patient was restrained and died.


  • mememine69

    32 more years of needless CO2 panic will make neocons out of all of us.

    If you remaining “believers” really want to SAVE THE PLANET with your “climate action” then give the denier voting majority what they want………………. and that is; 100% certainty from the real world of science not the “beliefs” of a mob of determined “believers” as 32 MORE years of science being their laughable “95%” certain is unsustainable.

    And get up to date;
    *Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.
    *Canada killed Y2Kyoto with a freely elected climate change denying prime minister and nobody cared, especially the millions of scientists warning us of unstoppable warming (a comet hit).
    “BELIEVE” all you like but don’t tell kids that science “believes” as much as you remaining “believers” do.
    Most of Canada and the USA hasn’t had a smog warning day (actual smog) in close to 10 years now because those preachy; “Be kind to the air days” and smog “alerts” and “advisories” and “watches” are not measurements of smog or anything at all, just predictions that a “Smog Warning” could be issued within the next 36 hours and they haven’t had to issue a warning in almost a decade.. The smoggy 70’s are gone! Be happy!

  • Brett Moore

    ^This guy is my new favorite.

  • Steve

    And I thought our oppressive Dallas Summer heat was caused by Houston and our Winter cold and ice was the fault of Oklahoma

  • mark lamster

    “until reporters started poking around” = “until anna kuchment started poking around.” credit where credit is due! [smiley emoticon]

  • Dubious Brother

    I think someone made a mistake on the original panel and labeled it Global Warming instead of Climate Change.

    Of course they are trying to put it all in perspective which may start with the fact that a mere 20,000 years ago, the place now known as Chicago was under one mile of ice and pretty much uninhabitable according to today’s standards.

    I for one am thankful for the climate change that occured that allowed me to grow up in and then leave what is now the murder capital of the country.

    I wonder who is on the panel that is in charge of createing the new panel.

  • tested

    There’s no need to have a climate change or global warming or whatever they’re calling it now display in the Perot museum. It is screamed from TV shows, the White House, politicians of all stripes, books, movies, teachers etc. all the time. To me the real curious thing is that they claim they lost the panel. I suspect that is a lie to cover up the fact they didn’t want to put something on display that would chase off donors and visitors in Texas. It will. Not having it did no harm. Now watch the BS fly from all sides over this stupid move.