Leading Off (6/12/14)

Alliance-AFT Sues To Stop Home-Rule Process. The teachers group’s complaint is over the makeup of the charter commission. I’m sure Eric will be all over this over at Learning Curve directly. So probably save your commentary for his post. Or you can dry run it over here. Up to you.

GOP Convention Scout Team Hits Town. DCVB spokesman Frank Librio promised a surprise “that no other city has had during their site visit.” Don’t know what that ended up being. I hope it wasn’t the way the Omni, Reunion Tower, and everything else was lit up like Christmas at Toby Keith’s house, because that was sort of lame. When I was driving home from dinner with my parents in Waxahachie, all that was missing was the sound of an eagle cry.

Wendy Davis Replaces Campaign Manager. I mean, I’m no expert, but that feels like not a great thing. Or maybe it’s just the Hail Mary the campaign needs. Probably not, but maybe. But probably not.


  • EricCeleste

    Waiting on a source, so post up at about 10 on AFT lawsuit.

  • Edward

    Thank you for calling Alliance-AFT a teachers group. For some reason, WFAA (and others) continue to call it a union, which isn’t legal in Texas.

    Five states don’t’ allow collective bargaining for teachers, which effectively bans unions. Those states (and their SAT/ACT rankings) are:

    South Carolina – 50th

    North Carolina – 49th

    Georgie – 48th

    Texas – 47th

    Virginia – 44th


    • Dubious Brother

      Since all students are not required and in fact do not take the SAT/ACT tests the ranking is meaningless and to try to tie it to teachers’ unions is ludicrous. In addition, your rankings are incorrect. Hopefully you do not teach statistics.

  • Darren

    The GOP surprise is live elephants.

  • Edward

    You are correct that my stats were a bit out of date – they were from 1999. More recent stats (higheredinfo.org 2007 – still not THAT recent) aren’t quite as dramatic, with NC at 47th, TX at 45th, SC at 39th, GA at 26th, and VA at 25th. These do take into account different participation rates, etc. It would be interesting to know what Virginia did in those 8 years that we here in Texas were unable to do.