Larry Friedman, the Lawyer With the Most Interesting List of Clients in Dallas

Dude handles some interesting cases. No question.

Mary Crosland is a client of Friedman's. Her husband says she had an affair with plastic surgeon Rodney Rohrich (pictured).
Mary Crosland is a client of Friedman’s. Her husband says she had an affair with plastic surgeon Rodney Rohrich (pictured).

We mentioned the Crosland divorce earlier today. Luke says Mary was having an affair with the couple’s plastic surgeon and claims she secretly sold a $1 million diamond ring to promote a book she wrote with the doc. Usual Dallas stuff. What caught my eye was the name of the wife’s attorney: Larry Friedman. The man has been on our radar since at least 1997. Interesting guy. Even more interesting list of clients. I searched a database of Morning News articles to remind myself whom Friedman has represented recently. This is just going back to 2010. I’m sure I’ve missed some. Imagine all these folks together at Friedman’s holiday party:

— Eric Brauss, the developer who soaked his investors for $200 million and then fled to Brazil, where he recently died. Maybe. There are reasons to believe he’s still alive and has great seats to the USA match on Sunday.

— Taya Kyle, the widow of slain American Sniper author Chris Kyle and the woman who alleged that Chris’ business partners were mismanaging his old business, Craft International

— Pat Snuffer, the restaurateur who sold Snuffer’s and then tried to open Pat’s Burger & Cheddar Fries

— Dallas DA Craig Watkins and his wife, Tanya, who claimed a company damaged their house while roof repairs were underway

— Country singer Randy Travis, whose legal issues would take me too long to recount

— Pilar Sanders, ex-wife of Deion, whose divorce was messier than Mark

— Domingo Garcia [cough, cough]

— Darius McClinton-Hunter, son of baseball man Torii Hunter and one of five Prosper High School boys who were charged with sex crimes (McClinton-Hunter was not indicted)

— Rhonda Aikman, ex-wife of Troy, who was arrested at a high school, in the morning, on a public intoxication charge

— Pamela Martin-Duarte, cast member of Big Rich Texas, who sued a whole bunch of people for cyber-bulling

— Simona Beal, ex-wife of billionaire Andy Beal, who during her divorce wanted $5 billion in damages from her ex, in addition to $15 billion in exemplary damages

— Former Dallas County Constable Jaime Cortes, who admitted to falsifying his campaign finance records

— Gregg Merkow, who sued the owner of a Lower Greenville building after it burned, destroying his restaurant; Merkow was also busted in a sting for running a gambling operation

— Michael Irvin, who was fired by ESPN a day after a woman filed a civil suit against him alleging sexual assault


  • B Lister

    Larry Friedman, lawyer to the stars and damaged goods.

  • PurplePride

    Hot mess, them all. I always thought Mary was really pretty but now I think she’s just manufactured. Lucien always wears purple, the color of royalty or gay pride, either one. The plastic surgeon was a goofball growing up and is now still a goofball but he’s banging the head cheerleader so that accounts for something I guess. Larry, well, Larry, is that your breath or did you eat poop for breakfast?

  • bibby izod

    I can say only this. I have seen Mary Crossland and she LOOKS like she has had a long time affair with a plastic surgeon.

  • Grumpy

    Don’t forget the imbecilic bully Bill Esping, who got tee’d up by Wallace Hall for what I believe was the largest jury verdict in Texas circa 2011.

  • Uppercase Matt

    As I think you pointed out once, seeing Friedman’s name on a case automatically tells me which side I should be one, and which one I absolutely shouldn’t.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Argh. side I should be *on*.

  • David

    Luke Crosland is known for his frivolous lawsuits and is the BROKEST MILLIONAIRE in town. I am
    sure he would have hired Larry Friedman had he been able to afford him.

  • Janet Phillips

    Larry Friedman is an exceptional attorney who will clean Luke Crosland’s clock.

  • Janet Phillips

    Who is Representing Luke? The man accused of
    Physical abuse

    • Carlos Tomas

      Looks like the most stupid and dangerous attorney in Dallas,her name is Stephanie Curtis ,just stupid attorney, be sure to remember her name , she recently stole the must prominent restaurant , very we’ll known Mi Piaci with her lover Lucien Luke Crossland, land lord at that time, to the mus nicest fly The Blacks. ….. One day soom they will paid. Go to hell Stephanie !!!!!! Ja ja

  • Sarah

    Stephanie Curtis seems to be the attorney defending Luke. No one has heard of her. Too bad he couldn’t get Friedman first. Of those two- Friedman will skin her alive.

  • RAB

    I’ve seen her, too. Rather than shagging her plastic surgeon, she should be suing him for malpractice. (Plus, she talks on her phone while on the treadmill at Equinox, which is a no-no. Hate++)

  • BigDave

    Was Larry Friedman the attorney for Tim Rogers when TimmyDiaper allegedly threatened an elementary school principal? Whatever happened with that case anyway?

  • DGirl

    I’m going top predict the outcome here. The winners will be Larry Friedman and Stephanie Curtis who will file motion after motion and drag this case on until Mr. and Mrs. Crosland have spent all of their money.

  • Steve Campbell

    Hmmm… Prominent attorney Larry Friedman vs.
    Below Avarage Bankruptcy Attorney Stephanie

  • Jon

    Luke Crosland is well known for his philandering ways and unethical business practices. Karma.

  • ThatOneDude

    I’ve met Dr. Rohrich a handful of times, never a patient nor do I want to be – not out of any negativity just not into the knife of “better” looks. He’s always been a stand-up guy, man of honor and integrity and in my opinion will come out vindicated once all this is said and done. It’s a shame that it’s happening in the first place as it seems like it’s part of an indirect slander campaign by Mr. Crosland. But those are just my thoughts and not to be taken literally as fact. Don’t need Mr. Crosland going about doing more “shake downs”.

  • Kendall

    I agree, Dr. Rohrich is a man of integrity,
    and it is unfortunate that his reputation is being
    disparaged by the unscrupulous, racist land-
    developer Luke Crosland.

  • Carlos Tomas

    Why ? You should keep the comments , do not erase it !!! It is good to let people know ….. The true …… I said again do not trust Stephanie Curtis, she stole the Blacks restaurant ….. No moral values , it is snake ,,,,,, as well her friend L crossland

  • Jacky
  • Jacky