Jo Lynn Haussmann Maybe Shouldn’t Be on the Keller School Board

Seriously, Keller?

Hat tip to Unfair Park for bringing to our attention the below video on Vimeo, which offers evidence that Jo Lynn Haussmann says she is suffering from dementia. Haussmann is the Keller ISD trustee I mentioned in today’s Leading Off. Last night, she apologized (not really) for making anti-Muslim remarks on Facebook. Well, this video serves as a repository of some other remarks that Haussmann appears to have made on (and deleted from) Facebook. Such as:

“It’s so frustrating as I want to work but every job I get I bomb because of the dementia issues. It’s very discouraging KNOWING how intelligent and capable I was and now I can’t do hardly anything.”

The Tea Party, it appears, did not sign up the best candidate in Keller. Either she is suffering from dementia or she has really poor judgment about the sort of stuff she should share on social media.

Vimeo user J. Johnson

One more note: the Vimeo user who posted the video is identified only as J. Johnson. But there’s a brief moment at the beginning of the clip when it appears that you can see the user’s reflection in a mirror. And she’s having a great time making the video.



Haussmann quote proof from j johnson on Vimeo.


  • Joe Bob

    I would have voted for Jo Lynn based on her Christmas (DON’T CALL IT “HOLIDAY,” YOU PINKO LIBERAL) sweater.

  • Chris Chris

    I always heard that one had to be crazy to go into politics…

  • KellerParent

    There is SO, SO much to this story. If someone would dig a little deeper, they will find a world of dark money, perjury on filing applications, false addresses, and more.

    It is a shame no one is willing to take this story on completely.

    • Angelica

      I agree with you! It’s becoming old news now

  • Tom Simmons

    sorry, previous post blended the URL with a word so would need to cut-and-paste. there’s also a Facebook page out there (Jo Lynn Haussmann Must Go) that documents a lot of this.

    what’s left out of the story is that 4 state Tea Party State Reps endorsed her, gave money, and they didn’t even live in the district, and this was AFTER the dementa postings were made! there’s more to the story than colors on her sweater…

  • former kisd parent

    Sweet Jesus and Baby Jesus, Jo Lynn had some special crazies out to support her during the school board meeting the other night! I highly recommend everyone watch the video, you won’t believe it unless you hear it with your own ears and see it with your own eyes!
    My kids won’t be attending KISD next year. Not because of Jo Lynn, but her comments and subsequent attitude in her farse of an apology just reinforced my decision. KISD will not improve and grow with a bigot diagnosed with dementia as a trustee. Yikes!
    Absolutely, the children of KISD AND the teachers deserve so much better than the likes of Jo Lynn. I don’t have all the answers to make things better, but I know this crazy old lady isn’t a step in the right direction.