Inside the July Issue of D Magazine

Suburbs, Frisco Gun Club, Matt Rutledge and Dwaine Caraway.

In recent months, we’ve devoted considerable time and energy to urban development and downtown Dallas. As I’ve mentioned before, the Interstate 345 debate has essentially turned into an inspiring and, at times, infuriating discussion about the future of our city. A conversation I’m thrilled to be a part of. But perhaps, in all of this, the suburbs have been feeling a touch neglected. This month, we’ve started making up for it.

For starters, when it came time to prepare for our “Best Suburbs” package, we as a staff ventured out of our downtown abode. Bradford Pearson hiked Cedar Hill’s trails, Tim Rogers received a memorable haircut in Rockwall, Zac Crain logged time in Plano, Peter Simek perused Waxahachie’s Webb Gallery, Liz Johnstone chatted up Carrollton’s mayor, and so on. I don’t know if any of these city dwellers would openly admit it, but I think we all enjoyed our suburban jaunts.

And what emerged from these excursions are the stories that accompany our ranking of 63 of the area’s suburbs. There was movement on the list this year, largely due to rising home values since 2012, the last time we did this ranking. There’s also been tremendous growth. In 2013, only 18 of the 51 largest metro areas in the country experienced greater growth in the city over their suburbs. And in Texas, our suburbs have grown more than suburbs in any other part of the country.

Shannon Shell, Amy Robbins, and Sarah Shell-Barrett at the Frisco Gun Club.  (photo by Elizabeth Lavin)
Shannon Shell, Amy Robbins, and Sarah Shell-Barrett at the Frisco Gun Club. (photo by Elizabeth Lavin)

One of those, Frisco, is home to another development featured in this month’s issue—the Frisco Gun Club. In “Ladies Night at the Frisco Gun Club,” Jessica Roberts takes us onto one of the fanciest ranges in the country. With a top chef, state-of-the-art facilities, and one wild gift shop, it’s a place to see and be seen.

Another story making the media rounds due to a wonderful anecdote about Jeff Bezos’ breakfast Octopus is Tim Rogers’ “This Internet Millionaire Has a New Deal For You.” When Matt Rutledge invented the deal-a-day bit with, who could have predicted it would be scooped up by Amazon someday? Well it was, but Rutledge could only take so much. He’s back with his next venture, and Rogers has the backstory.

And though we’re not supposed to pick favorites, and because we can’t leave good ol’ Dallas out of the issue entirely, we have Zac Crain’s “20 Things You Learn on a Tuesday with Dwaine Caraway.” His tour of District 4 with the animated city councilman is a must-read. Like start now. And be prepared for a good giggle.