• Lew Patton

    Amazing discovery.
    I just found out where the D Magazine building is downtown. I can actually look down and see you guys in your office. Ya’ll don’t do much do you?

  • _nctrnl

    Go Cleveland!

  • tested

    This announcement is a surprise and is essentially the RNC telling Dallas the convention will not come here unless we can make the AAC available for the dates the RNC wants. Right now Mark Cuban is saying no to that. (the Stars may be too, but they have a lot less leverage) Dallas has a way to fix this: pay Jerryworld to host some Mavs and Stars games for a month or so to make the AAC available. If the Mavs and Stars would go along with that I think the RNC will easily say yes. Otherwise you can look for Cleveland to be crowing about beating Dallas for this event when the final decision is made in early August.

  • Bill Marvel

    The Republicans need Ohio. They already got Texas. Which would you choose?

    • tested

      I’d choose the place that would best be able to put on a good convention at the time they want. The problem is that the RNC wants a convention in June and Dallas won’t do that. It will go to Cleveland unless the RNC decides July is okay.