Darrell Jordan Thinks the Trinity Toll Road Is a Bad Idea

Yesterday we learned that Don Williams and Ralph Hawkins are against the Trinity toll road. Today we can add Darrell Jordan’s name to the growing list of folks who have seen the light. Jordan is a big-wheel lawyer and former mayoral candidate. Here’s his letter to the editor:

I am delighted to learn that Larry Good, Ralph Hawkins, Don Williams and other visionaries are seriously questioning the wisdom of putting a toll road between the levees of the Trinity River. In hindsight, it was a bad idea from Day One. Although the concept was supported by well-meaning, civic minded leaders who wanted only the best for our city, a fresh look, including its cost, clearly suggests it is the wrong plan for what can be a wonderful amenity for Dallas and this region. There are other solutions to the transportation issues.

So let’s see. I’m trying to figure out who still thinks this thing is a good idea. Vonciel Jones Hill, Rodger Jones, and Michael Morris. I mean, if you don’t count the folks at Halff Associates who have been paid to do all the pretty drawings. So, really, we’ve got just three people. I miss anyone?


  • dont forget

    Gail Thomas of the Trinity Trust said removing the tollroad would be “like pulling a string out of a sweater. It might cause the whole project to unravel”, at CONFAB last week. The board of directors there is a pretty good list of who is pushing the road.

  • AeroRazavi

    Yes and no, you had one of the directors recently speak out against the tollroad.

  • Patiently Waiting

    I appreciate all of these “visionaries” recanting their support for a this non-visionary project, but I’d also like to hear an apology for funding, supporting or communicating lies in support of a bond package project that was never about the park.

    Tim, I’ve always been curious about Harlan Crow’s position on the toll road. He was an ardent supporter. Is that still true? If not, when did he change his mind?

  • Patiently Waiting

    What Gail means is that she’s afraid funding for Trinity Trust will unravel w/o a Toll Road, which puts her job in jeopardy or at least makes her job less fun.Lean budgets stink!

  • John O’Neill

    “I’m a toll road guy.” – Mike Rawlings

  • Tim Rogers

    I’ll ask Harlan and see what he says.