Dallas Will Not Host the 2024 Olympics

Oh, well. Maybe next time. Or not.

Here are the cities that have made the short list of U.S. sites for the Games: Los Angeles, D.C., San Francisco, and Boston. Here is one city that is not on that list: Dallas. While there is an argument to be made for why the Olympics would have been good for us, I must confess that I would not have qualified for the 400 meters.


  • dallasboiler

    Thank goodness! The last thing that we need to do is take on a boatload of debt to build out a ton of infrastructure for a temporary event (aren’t we still trying to find ways to revitalize and make more effective use out of Fair Park?). Not to mention that it would be completely miserable (if not dangerous) for athletes participating in any of the outdoor sports. Even Atlanta was fairly brutal. I can’t imagine any cities other than LA, San Fran, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago or Boston as legitimate hosts for the games.

  • tested

    Let’s face it: this wasn’t a serious effort to win the 2024 games. The push for 2012 many years ago had a lot more money and publicity behind it. This was more of a low-key operation designed to keep our name in the conversation about events like this.

  • ECheez

    Thank you Cheezits Christ!