D Magazine Debuts Learning Curve, a Blog Dedicated to Education in Dallas

It's also another place where Eric's many fans can comment how much they love him

Teacher, teacher, can you teach me? Can you tell me all I need to know?
Teacher, teacher, can you teach me? Can you tell me all I need to know?

There’s a new blog in the D media empire, and it’s run by little ol’ me. It’s called Learning Curve, and it will be devoted to education in Dallas (Dallas County, actually). I’ll still write for FrontBurner (more often, probably) and write my column for the magazine, but I’ll spend most of my time with Learning Curve. I’m very excited not only to have a forum to discuss education topics with you, but also to have a special place where my fans can gather to discuss what a sell-out/tool-of-the-man I am.

Fair warning: although I encourage gratuitous shots at me and/or Tim Rogers (just because), I will be policing the comments to make sure you folks stay on point. Have you seen the comment section of the other eduction blogs in town? It’s like a climate-denier’s convention, only liberal. I’m like you guys, educating myself on these issues as I go along, so I welcome help from folks showing me where I’m off-base. Which we all realize will be often, because I’m not that smart. I grew up in Oklahoma, after all.

With that out of the way, what are you waiting for? Come by, read my first post, bookmark the page, and let’s chat. Maybe we can all learns us a little sumthin.


  • vseslav botkin

    This self-deprecating intro really doesn’t square with all the cocksure bomb-throwing in your first post. But at least by summarily dismissing as paranoiacs many of the people who would try to educate you on the issues as you go along, you’ve ensured you won’t have to do much critical thinking (which is hard!) in your new endeavor.

    • Eric Celeste

      I can’t be cocksure and self-deprecating? What am I to do with all this self-love/hate?

  • Peter Kurilecz

    “It’s like a climate-denier’s convention” oh great a gratutious slam against climate skeptics. why not “it’s like a anti-GMO convention” or “it’s like an anti-vacc convention”
    anyway look forward to the new blog as long as your open and fair-minded

  • Eric Celeste

    I fully support the other two entries. The anti-science left is as (more?) maddening as the anti-science right. (In this case, it’s not a perfect analogy, because it’s more like the anti-data crowd. They just FEEL CERTAIN that rich people are out to monetize children. But you get my point.)

  • Fritzie

    Eric – May we assume that part of the package you put together for the SOPS crew includes a special edition of the print product along with the September or October edition?

    I like your new all-input-is-welcome tact.

    • Eric Celeste

      Yes I’m working for SOPS. And the Man. And the shadow government. And the DCC. It’s impossible I’ve come to these conclusions based on my own experience, months of conversations with people within DISD, etc. You’ve got me. You’ve found me out. Oh, if only I were smart enough to pull it off!

  • Margaret Hunt Hill

    I can’t figure out how to comment on the new blog, and I’m dying to tell you how wrong you are!

    • Eric Celeste

      Hmmm. Not sure why. Hold please.

    • Eric Celeste

      Should be fixed now.

  • Diane Birdwell

    How can it be devoted to education when the comments aren’t turned on, you already dismiss the REAL education experts in Dallas—- THE TEACHERS— and parrot the mantra of the SOPS?

    Another lackey for the oligarchy of Dallas.

    Let us know when you want to talk to the teachers. I can bring a few with me, and unlike SOPS, we can EDUCATE you, not just give your blurbs.

    • Eric Celeste

      Well, I’ve been talking to teachers for months — I’ll see a whole group of them on Thursday who are very happy TEI passed, for example — and most are conflicted, some are like you, and some are happy with aggressive reform. But, please, speak for all teachers. (Also: I don’t know why comments aren’t working. I’ve notified the drones.)

  • vseslav botkin

    Not allowing comments on such an inflammatory post is revealing. Tune out, Diane; you and your hysterical teacher cohort. Your participation in this conversation is not welcome.

  • PS 1445

    Fritzie’s questions are good, Eric. There is always a business case for putting together a D Magazine blog and there is a lot of people willing to spend money right now on supporting home rule. Will there be a supplemental magazine on education/home rule this fall? Who is advertising/paying for the Learning Curve blog? I cannot imagine Wick is doing this out of the goodness of his heart.