D Magazine HQ Also Was Tagged

Pretty half-ass job, idiots.
Pretty half-ass job, idiots.
As Liz mentioned this morning, and you have probably heard, vandals tagged “666” on the Legacy of Love monument, as well as Cathedral of Hope and the Dallas Observer and Dallas Morning News buildings. I just noticed that, yes, we were tagged, too. It took a moment, as the location of the tag, on the sidewalk at the intersection of Ross and St. Paul, is very near a lot of other sort of inscrutable spray-paint markings related to the trolley rail construction happening. But there it is. Sorry for the quality of the photo. It was hard to get without being hit by a car, which I traditionally strive to avoid.


  • ellehughey

    Glad they didn’t leave you out. I mean, what a shame that would have been. Better photos next time, okay?

  • Fizzy

    Are these vandals a bunch of 12 year olds? Ooooohhhh “666” … seriously? Who paints “666” and then believes they’re actually making a statement? They should be embarrassed.

    • Zac Crain

      Based on whom I think did this — based on the flyers hand-inserted into copies of the Dallas Observer a couple of weeks ago — it’s sort of amazing that he was able to zero in on such an economical statement.

  • RAB

    It’s possible that you’re reading it upside — and it’s actually 999, which is the London emergency number (like our 911 number). Like most things in life, it’s a matter of where you’re standing.

  • Pam

    Please clarify, Zac. They tagged your HQ or the street where your building is located?

  • Chris Chris

    Maybe those are Gs. Like Good Guy Glen Hunter?

  • Jenny

    Your headline says your HQ was tagged (the perp rode the elevator to your floor?), but your narrative says a street near your building was tagged. Holy misleading, “me too” and opportunistic, Batman.

    Let us know when the Feds interview you and then I will believe you were “targeted.”

    • Zac Crain

      No, I said the sidewalk at the corner of St. Paul and Ross. That is steps away from our building. The one with the big D at the top. Not any D. Our logo. I mean, maybe the tagger was really ticked at Pearl Cup Coffee or the call center in our building, but I doubt it.

      Anyway, you sound like you’re a barrel of laughs. Thanks for your comment!