Caption This: Mayor Rawlings Loves Planes

There is a story this morning in the Morning News about American Airlines kicking off its new service to China today, with non-stop flights to Shanghai and Hong Kong from DFW Airport. Which, OK, great. But also, you know, whatever. Why I point you to that story is the photo that runs with it, which features Mayor Mike Rawlings holding a model plane with a look on his face that says, to me, that he’s about to grab the model plane that Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is holding and go running around the room with both planes in the air, making jet noises. Then, when he gets tuckered out, he’s going to drink a juice box and watch just one episode of Dora — did you hear me, Michael? Just one — and then take a nap. Let me hear your caption suggestions.

UPDATE: Sorry, the photo has been replaced by some dumb video. Oh, well.


  • Eric Celeste

    Aeroplane Aeroplane
    Up In The Sky
    Aeroplane Aeroplane
    Up In The Sky

    Please Take Me With You
    Wherever You Fly
    Over The Clouds
    Oh! So High!
    Let’s Meet The Rainbow In The Sky!

  • David Burrows

    Oh man! So cool! I’d hi-five every single one of you little people in there if I could!”