Caption This: Mayor Rawlings Loves Fist Pumping

Mayors in workout clothes!

The U.S. Conference of Mayors started today with breakfast and jazzercise on the new Continental Avenue Bridge park. Because what all of these mayors surely wanted to see straightaway was everyone in workout clothes. Welcome to Dallas! Anyway, Tim and Zac, who are not mayors, are off judging essays and manuscripts for the Mayborn Conference today. If they were here, however, there would undoubtedly be discussion of this wonderful photo of Mayor Mike Rawlings fist pumping. “Let’s Get it Started” by the Black Eyed Peas was played at some point, so I’m just going to assume it happened then. Because I don’t get the joy (?) of hearing from Tim and Zac, I’ll open it up to you, dear readers. Caption suggestions? Or better yet, thought-bubble suggestions?

I’ll start: At least it’s not a ropes course.


  • LDR4

    Borderline Howard Dean fist pump.