Woman Once Accused Wayne Kirk, Horse Park Operator, of Dosing Her With GHB

Put on your chaps. This ride will take us through some thick stuff.

This is not Wayne Kirk. Just what I hope the Trinity Horse Park will look like.

This entire thing makes my head hurt, so I’m not going to try to figure it all out. I’m just going to throw it against the wall and let you folks gawk at it.

Wayne Kirk is the guy with the curious background who has a contract to run the new Trinity Horse Park. Rudy Bush did a great job of summarizing why Kirk seems an odd (to be kind) choice to be given this particular responsibility. Let’s just start with the fact that he’s a convicted horse abuser. (!)

Well, someone reminded me that Kirk was mentioned awhile back in a sexual assault lawsuit filed against Jerry Jones. You can read the 2010 post I put up about the filing. If you don’t have the time (it’s Friday!), then just know that the filing made very outlandish claims about some stuff that allegedly went down at Ocean Prime on the same night that gave us a video of a slurring Jerry Jones (which video wound up on Deadspin). Know, too, that the lady who filed the lawsuit, Patricia Gavin, was hit with a restraining order that kept her from having contact with the Jones family or the Cowboys. So, you know: huge grain of salt and everything. But here’s what the suit said about our man Kirk:

I met with [Denise] Bishop and Kirk on August 10, 2010 and afterwards they stopped at 3528 Routh residence where they came in and fixed themselves drinks and also offered me one as well. In it they put GHB and I realized I’ d been drugged Wayne Kirk told me “You better not fuck with Jerry Jones”. When I said “It is too late for that advice because of the subpoenas and explained that was the point….I refused Jones advances” both Wayne Kirk and Denise Bishop became animated and frightened. Kirk recanted his threats and Bishop said “We should have given her valium instead” and they ran up the stairs to the bedroom.

As I said, it’s an, um, interesting document. But even if you are inclined not to believe any of Gavin’s claims, one thing she did get right. She said Kirk was with a company called Reef Exploration and that he represented Stephen Jones and Donald Trump in their oil-and-gas interests. I don’t know about the links to Stephen Jones or Trump, but Kirk did work for Reef Oil and Gas. Part of the internet has him as an executive vice president. I called the company; the receptionist says he no longer works there.

Which brings me to Kirk’s dormant Twitter account. His handle is (or was) @Wayne_NFLOilGuy, and his bio lists: “Executive Vice President of Reef Securities, Financial Consultant for Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Member of National Exchange Council (NEC) & NFLPA Certified.” You catch that? Not only was he in oil and gas, but he was (is?) also certified to be an agent by the NFL Players’ Association. I mean, this guy is so Renaissance that he makes Michelangelo look like Ötzi.

He didn’t exactly dominate Twitter. Kirk only put up three tweets before abandoning the medium in August 2011. But a full 67 percent of his tweets (rounding up) were to or from a woman named Nina Zavala. Naturally, you’ll want to know who Nina Zavala is. And I’ll tell you who Nina Zavala is. She is the CEO of the Nina Zavala Group and the director of marketing and PR at Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep Academy, an organization that has not, as far as anyone knows, harmed any horses but which nonetheless has presumably provided Nina Zavala no shortage of PR nightmares. (See what I did there? Horses? Nightmares? It’s a gift.)

What does this all mean? Don’t know. Like I said, I’m not going to even try to figure out. But I’m guessing that if you were on a trail ride with Wayne Kirk, and if you asked him the right questions, the guy could tell you some great stories.