Virgin America Officially Gets Love Field Gates

It's a decision that should surprise no one.

Not that anyone is particularly surprised, since the Justice Department gave the city no choice, but city manager A.C. Gonzalez officially decided today to accept American Airlines’ sublease of its two gates at Love Field to Virgin America:

“Rather than simply signing the sub-lease presented to us, we took some additional time to make sure our actions would be responsible and capture the vision of the Justice Department’s selected carrier. This was accomplished by incorporating Virgin’s publicly stated intentions into a compliance agreement,” Gonzalez said in a statement.

The agreement includes Virgin America committing to the city’s noise abatement program and clarifies how any unused gate space may be made accessible to other airlines.

Virgin America, which has already begun selling tickets on flights out of Dallas, will launch service at Love Field on Oct. 13. Initially, Virgin will fly 14 daily routes to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.’s Reagan National and New York’s LaGuardia airports. It plans to add flights to Chicago O’Hare in 2015, operating a total of 18 daily flights on its full schedule next year.

Mayor Mike Rawlings released a statement in support of the decision:

“I applaud Mr. Gonzalez for his thorough approach to making this important decision. I support his approval of the sublease between American Airlines and Virgin America because it is best for the citizens of Dallas. I look forward to welcoming Virgin America to Love Field Airport with open arms.”


  • Wylie H Dallas

    Hip hip hooray!

  • Esteban

    A good day for Big D.

    • Johnyalamo

      Virgin has gates of Love for the Big D!

  • Michael Bell

    “we took some additional time to make sure our actions would be responsible and capture the vision of the Justice Department’s selected carrier.”


  • Wes Mantooth

    Wes Mantooth, in typical bookmaker-of-FrontBurner style, puts the over/under at 18 months from Oct. 13, 2014 before Virgin reduces its announced service at Love Field.

  • shrubstex

    Once you go Virgin, I doubt you will ever want to fly on Southwest Again. Unfortunately the number of cities we can fly to will be limited, but even the cheap seats have all the electronic conveniences, with the Red Screen in front of you you will be totally mesmerized, and ordering on screen, etc. is very nice. As Business Week pointed out, When these gates were leased by others Southwest did not mind.

  • Greenvillite

    IF A.C. actually used this opportunity to bargain for some additional benefits for the city and require Virgin to commit to its committments in writing, I say “way to go!” That’s the sort of leadership we could use more of. And I don’t give Voncil or Mayor Mike any credit for that.