Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: May 5

Oral Fixation ends their third season this evening, with Mico Rodriguez as one of the featured speakers.

Mico_1-1867As was mentioned in this morning’s Leading Off, the Dallas Mavericks fell to the Spurs in Game 7 yesterday afternoon. Has anyone else discovered their previously unacknowledged love for the Portland Trailblazers? I have. Still, when you’re an eighth seed, taking the best team in the NBA to seven games is nothing to feel bad about.

Tonight marks the final event of Oral Fixation’s third successful season, in an evening billed “The Whole Enchilada.” A varied group of Dallas speakers will appear successively on the Wyly stage, discussing the most intimate details of their lives. That includes The Dallas Observer’s Jesse Hughey, and he’s something of a local champion when it comes to  eating contests. Hughey will illuminate the events of one contest in particular, in which the featured food was enchiladas. See how this all ties in? Here’s a preview of Hughey’s story, from the Oral Fixation website:

“Midway through an enchilada-eating contest is an inopportune time to ask yourself where your life is headed. If you’re cramming lukewarm tortillas and cheese into your mouth, gulping down un-chewed pieces with water like pills, all in hopes of winning a desperately needed $200 gift certificate, reflecting on the decisions you’ve made in the 34 years leading up to this moment is not going to give you the boost in self-confidence necessary to visualize powering through the second half of the competition.”

There you have it. Also sharing this evening is Mesero Miguel’s Mico Rodriguez, who was the founder of Mi Cocina. He’ll be discussing the plight of a life in the entrepreneurial restaurant industry, and D actually had a cover story on exactly that in our September 2009 issue. The event begins at 8 pm, and limited tickets are still available.

As always, The Crown and Harp will host Cool Out tonight—the funk, soul, and disco DJ weekly that’s been a staple of Lower Greenville nightlife for years. That takes place on the second floor of the two-story pub, but downstairs will feature something a little different from the usual open-mic nights hosted here on Mondays. Lorelle meets the Obsolete is a psychedelic rock band from Guadalajara who just performed at Austin’s 7th annual Psych Fest over the weekend. Music is at 9 pm, and a couple of Dallas acts—Nervous Curtains and Frauen—will support.
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