Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: May 22

Morrissey spends his birthday at the Majestic; Truck Yard hosts a happy hour.

Morrissey, at the premiere of Alexander, Dublin, 2007. Credit: Iris Kawling. Via wikicommons.
Morrissey, at the premiere of Alexander, Dublin, 2007. Credit: Iris Kawling. Via wikicommons.

This is going to be a special edition of Things To Do, as it’s Morrissey’s birthday, and he’s actually in town tonight. I’m hoping the crowd at the Majestic can rise to the occasion of making the British equivalent of Sinatra feel like he’s in the right city on such a complicated day. Birthdays can bring many mixed emotions, and who knows that better than Morrissey?

I admit to being a pretty serious fan, something I’ve made clear over on FrontRow over the years, so I’ll do my best to maintain professional composure. Here are the facts: The singer has a new album due in July, the hilariously titled World Peace is None of Your Business. What a mouthful. The album will feature such obvious odes to joy as “I’m Not a Man,” “The Bullfighter Dies,” and “Earth is the Loneliest Planet.” Elvis Costello once remarked that “Morrissey writes wonderful song titles, but sadly he often forgets to write the song.” But then again, Morrissey never had to piggyback on far more successful songwriters like Burt Bacharach or Paul McCartney the way Costello did, so that settles that.

He is now an accomplished author, as his memoir broke first-week sales records for the form, never mind that it was censored in the US market. How embarrassing. So, don’t embarrass me tonight, Dallas. Show up promptly, don’t heckle, and be kind. I’ll see you there. Happy Birthday, Morrissey.

Online media chain Thrillist recently claimed to have awarded Lower Greenville’s ever-popular Truck Yard the “Oscar of Bar Awards,” by designating it as one of the nation’s best drinking establishments. Whatever weight this honor truly carries, you the consumer are the victor, as the Truck Yard is hosting a free happy hour, from 4 to 9 pm this evening. Space is limited, so you’ll have to RSVP by going here.

Finally, the Texas Theatre is hosting a screening for the Dallas chapter of Architecture for Humanity tonight. The film this evening will be If You Build It, which focuses on two progressive designers attempting to help impoverished students in rural North Carolina out of their dire situation by way of architecture, construction, and design. Some of the proceeds from the event will go toward benefiting the altruistic architecture organization and you can find more info here, and RSVP information here.


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  • Harley Crimson

    Only someone with a fan base like Morrissey could get away with ego the size of our State. An audience is required to be on their best behavior.