Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: May 19

The final results of the 24-Hour Video Race at the Angelika, and a famous San Antonio chef visits FT33.

Jason Dady.
Jason Dady.

How did the weekend treat you? Well, I hope. I hate to start Monday off with bad news, but I think it’s a perfectly appropriate time, so let’s do it: The Neil deGrasse Tyson show at the Winspear is sold out, and that’s likely been a reality for a while now. I’m sorry. You’ll have to find something slightly less popular—and much less cosmic—to do with your evening.

Perhaps some of the film buffs competing in tonight’s screening of the  24-Hour Video Race Finals will enjoy the following reference, but the demanding competition reminds me a little of the controversial dance contests dramatized in 1969’s They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Of course, this is a lot more fun than that, as the end result of various teams at various age levels, will get to see their hard work writ large at Angelika Dallas tonight. The screening begins at 6 pm, so make sure to factor in traffic. I can’t remember the last time I made the previews for a six o’clock screening.

I’ve always maintained that chefs and bartenders should tour just like pop singers and rock bands do. So it’s no surprise that I find FT33’s Guest Chef Series one of the better ideas in the world of local culinary events. With all due respect, it sure beats yet another beer dinner. Tonight’s guest is Chef Jason Dady, a star of the San Antonio dining scene. He’s the kind of entrepreneur who will shut down a successful wine bar and fine dining concept, only to reopen it as an asian fusion restaurant in under a month. As incredibly risky as that sounds, it seems to all be working out for Dady, as his small empire of restaurants includes everything from the Tuscan-influenced Tre Trattoria, to the Two Bros BBQ Market. With such a wide scope of experience, there is no telling what Dady will prepare in an 8-course meal featuring mostly local ingredients. And that of course, is the draw. For reservations, call 214-741-2629.

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