Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: May 30-June 1

Uptown Players debuts Art and Science; Cool unusable tricycles at Kirk Hopper; Neon Trees at House of Blues.

Scene from Art and Science. Courtesy of Uptown Players.
Scene from Art and Science. Courtesy of Uptown Players.


You’ll have to act quickly on one of our first events: The Tune-Yards show at the Granada tonight is in danger of selling out, or so I’m told. The New England-based act has ridden its ukulele into the hearts of festival-goers the world over, and its unconventional use of recording loops and other assorted tricks has drawn collaborations with like-minded musical troublemakers, including Yoko Ono and Questlove.

The ubiquity of Swan Lake can actually elicit groans from certain jaded ballet aficionados who have had it up to here with Tchaikovsky, and sorcerers, and swans. But the venerable Texas Ballet Theater will be accompanied by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, creating a richer experience that is closer to the origins of the work itself. Opening night is at Bass Hall this evening, and curtain is at 8.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly five years since the announcement was made that non-profit theater group Uptown Players would begin producing at the Kalita Humphreys, but it’s true. Tonight they’ll debut a new production, Art & Science, which is based on the tumultuous yet humorous relationship between playwright James Wesley and his voice coach. The show begins at 7:45 pm, in Frank’s Place, or the upstairs section of the Kalita Humphreys Theater.



If you’ve seen a bright red tricycle around town that’s entirely charming yet completely nonfunctioning, you can blame Sergio Garcia. The artist’s trademark work has become something of a soft icon of contemporary Dallas art. He’ll be showing his instantly recognizable bikes at Kirk Hopper Fine Art this Saturday, which is a perfect pairing between both an artist and gallery comfortable across multiple platforms and mediums.


Weekend Coffee is the coffee shop located in the Joule Hotel, and earlier this week, they took a field trip down the street and brought some drinks to our offices. I can be a little apprehensive when a business is just pushing its wares on me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the potency of their drinks, particularly the bottled iced coffee. Weekend will be offering a home brewing class on Sunday, and there you can learn how to wield our favorite legal psychoactive drug in the comfort of your own home, in a variety of methods.

Southern California pop act Neon Trees will be at House of Blues on Sunday night, and the Killers-associated band has an advantage over their Las Vegas counterparts, in that their music focuses primarily on beats and melodies as opposed to loud guitars and outwardly tough posing. As a result, their music tends to be less overwrought, though no less gaudy. Fans of one should appreciate the other.


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