Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: May 16-18

Hanging out at the Byron Nelson pavilion, fancy chicken dinners at the Nasher, and more music festivals.

Excerpt from the cover of Bethan's debut EP, Chapter 1.
Excerpt from the cover of Bethan’s debut EP, Chapter 1.


If you’re not in the office today (like some of us), then you could head to the HP Byron Nelson Championship. It’s not all just about golf, of course, as the word around town has long been that the pavilion isn’t exactly a bad place to talk to strangers. In other words, the social scene may be the draw for certain individuals in Dallas. Imagine that. Lord knows that after a few years of music writing, I quickly learned that there are patios, pavilions, and press tents far more entertaining than your average band. Speaking of which, the Nelson will have a couple of those this weekend, as Kelley James will be appearing at the Pavilion “after dark” this evening, and the band Mockingbird Sun will perform on Saturday night. The tournament’s final round takes place on Sunday.

You have a lot of music fest options this weekend, but more on that later. If you’d rather see just a handful of bands as opposed to 20, Bethan will be appearing at Three Links tonight. The well-trained local group will be presenting their sophisticated take on melancholic pop, with Denton acts  Daniel Markham and Chambers as support.

It’s the third Friday of the month, so the Nasher Sculpture Center will be open extra late this evening. This May edition of ‘Til Midnight at the Nasher will feature a screening of the ridiculously popular Frozen in the center’s lovely garden, and attendees can reserve some of Wolfgang Puck’s fried chicken ahead of time, for a quaint yet elite picnic. Gourmet chicken at the art museum. You have to love this town.


I did a double take yesterday when I saw that our arts editor, Peter Simek, gave the new Godzilla film an “A-“ in his movie review. I asked our famously discriminating critic if he was being serious. “Yes,” he replied. “For that type of film, it’s great.” I’m a longtime fan of the radioactive lizard, particularly for the deeper symbolic elements of Godzilla as a social and political statement on Japan’s collective trauma following the Second World War. The new film is updated to reflect the current status of Japan’s nuclear woes accordingly. You can read Simek’s review, and a slew of other films opening this weekend, by going here.

As I mentioned before you have plenty of music festival options, as every regional music fest is cramming it in before it becomes simply too unbearable to stand around outside all day. This is yet another multi-fest weekend, as the Fort Worth Music Festival will be two days in by Saturday, and the Wildflower Festival will take place out in Richardson. It may not be the most adventurous large-scale music event in North Texas, but Wildflower deserves a little credit for being a pioneer in the local music fest market. That being said, I would much rather see Kool and the Gang than say, Third Eye Blind. Wildflower is now in its 22nd year, so, congrats on that.


Finally, I never feel like doing much on Sunday, so at best, I may just head to Fair Park to cheer on the participants of Sunday’s Disco Run. Thank goodness there are others willing to move however, as the event benefits Taylor’s Gift, which is a fundraising operation specializing in organ donations. The 5 and 10k will have live music and pancakes following the event.

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