Things To Do In Dallas: May 27

A goodbye bar dinner at The Libertine, and a gangster film classic at the Magnolia.

A past scene from one of the Libertine's Beer Dinners. Credit: Matthew Shelley.
A past scene from one of the Libertine’s Beer Dinners. Credit: Matthew Shelley.

I hope you’re having an easier time getting back into the post-holiday work week rhythm than I am. Ugh.

Today is a bit light, which is to be expected, but you do have a few very different options. First off, if you didn’t indulge too much over the three-day weekend, you can make up for that this evening at the Libertine bar. The restaurant hosts a five-course beer dinner on the last Tuesday of each month, and tonight’s Utah-themed event features whiskey and spirits from the Industry state’s High West distillery, and beers from Wasatch brewery. The drinks will theoretically pair quite nicely with a rich menu that features everything from lamb shanks to buttercream croissants. The event will also act as a sort of going-away party for longtime bartender, Máté Hartai. I consider Hartai one of the best barkeeps in town, who takes his craft extremely seriously, whether he’s carving ice or convincing you not to order a boring old vodka Red Bull. Hopefully the establishment will continue to serve his signature drink—the sugar-crusted, cognac-based, Double A Crusta—long after he departs for new endeavors. Prost, Máté. Reservations are required, and can be made by calling 214-824-7900.

Next up, the willfully uncomfortable comedian Brody Stevens will be at the Addison Improv, as one of the last stops on a 15-city tour. The Zach Galifianakis associate rose to notoriety by way of his Comedy Central show, Brody Stevens: Enjoy It, as well as his generally outlandish behavior which dangerously toes the line between routine and public meltdown. He’ll be joined by comedian and rapper Howard Kremer, who mans the popular podcast, Who Charted? Adam Cayton-Holland will also perform.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a dramatic silver-screen classic (and really why wouldn’t you be?) the genre-defining gangster movie, The Public Enemy, will screen twice tonight at the Magnolia. The Dallas Voice is presenting the film, which features James Cagney’s star-making performance as Tom Powers, and has one of the greatest tragic endings in all of cinema.

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