The Broadcast Host Walks Off Set Over Discussion of Michael Sam Kiss

The chat show became a cultural war zone.

Gawker has mentioned a discussion that took place during yesterday’s edition of the The Broadcast, the morning show with which you may or may not remember D Magazine is no longer affiliated.

Lisa Pineiro and Courtney Kerr (yes, that Courtney Kerr) are in the what’s-the-big-deal-about-Michael-Sam-kissing-his-boyfriend-on-ESPN camp. Kerr says those who are speaking out against the appropriateness of the celebratory moment, which took place after Sam had been drafted by the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, are “racist against homosexuals.”

Co-hosts Suzie Humphries and Amy Kushnir come down on the other side, complaining about how the kiss was “pushed in faces” and wondering why can’t they just speak their minds without other people attacking them as bigots. Near the end of the 9-minute discussion, Kushnir walks off the set.

It’s not so nice to see coastal elites take notice of moments like this.


  • Tim Rogers

    I think my favorite part is when Courtney refers to something as being “racist against homosexuals.”

  • KtotheIzzo

    Courtney: the word you’re looking for is “homophobic.” Or, “prejudiced,” if you want to, you know, switch it up. #ProTip

  • D. Shapiro

    I’m a sexual.

  • gimmethewooby

    So how’s that decision to no longer be affiliated with The Broadcast going?

    • Tim Rogers

      WHAT?! We had something to do with that show? I had no idea.

  • Bobtex

    It’s also not so nice to hear bigots try to rationalize their hateful attitudes. If you don’t want to see people who love each other kiss each other in celebration, then you might want to crawl back under the rock from which you slithered out. Straight men and women have been doing this on television since the dawn of television, without offending anyone, but when two men, one black and one white, do it, it suddenly becomes offensive? Why not just be honest about your hate, so we can all judge you in turn?

  • jmckee

    This is getting attention for all the wrong reasons as D Magazine well knows, NO ONE WATCHES THIS SHOW. No one, I’m still perplexed at why it keeps getting produced with it’s un-measurable demographics.

    The show posted this clip, it’s a pathetic publicity stunt that worked and everyone involved should be ashamed and embarrassed. Well, I mean except for Courtney who has shown herself to be medically incapable of any sort of self-awareness so she gets a participant trophy for coming up with racist, poor thing.

  • Orion

    t’s unnatural, like hair coloring to change brown hair blonde. Like makeup, to highlight pride and hide shameful flaws. Like shaving and waxing, because you’re hairy in socially unacceptable places. And high heels because you’re lying about your height. And foundation garments, because you’re fat and men won’t sleep with you and women will talk about you behind your back.

  • Anne Mckinney-page

    Suzy Humphries needs to go home, annoy her family… and spend time with her Grandchildren… and get the heck off TV. As for the Stomp off… good riddance. I have watched the show several times as of late (I was realllllllly bored)… and find that she offers little to the show, whatever the topic might be. She needs to learn that there are 100 folks ready to take over, for any Media job in this market… and she, and her bigotry, ARE both expendable.

  • fave

    My favorite part is when homophobes claim that the Constitution protects them from others disagreeing with their views.

    • frosty

      It protects everyone with opposing views.

  • Johnyalamo

    “I’m going to Midland!” …ends any argument everytime.

  • BradfordPearson

    I’m more interested in why, at the very beginning, Suzy was wearing sunglasses indoors.

  • no_really

    There is now a Fire Amy Kushnir Facebook page:

  • Jack Jett

    To turn what many see as a momentous occasion into someone’s free speech being stepped on is such a far stretch that I can’t even begin to rationalize. It is clearly an excuse to express homophobia. No one told either of these ladies they could not speak an opinion. So they went out of their way to make it about them being a victim. How Sarah Palin can you get?
    It saddens me to think this might go viral and that anyone related to either of these women might be a teen trying to come to terms with their sexuality. She was so fearful that her children might see two people of the same sex kiss…can you imagine what one of her children might feel if they happen to be gay.

    You gotta hand it to Wick. 2014 and the man is still peddling stereotypical Dallas Bull S like it is 1974.

  • Jack Jett

    I understand you find this is funny. I have come to accept that D in not interested in moving gay equality forward in our city.
    In all seriousness, does it concern you at all that while many in America is seeing the Sam story as a positive step forward for gays and lesbians, you are producing a show that smirks and shivers and two men kissing in 2014?
    I really am curious.

  • Bobtex

    Why pile on Wick, or D? Did you not read the part in the original post that said that they were not affiliated with this show?

  • Jack Jett

    Bobtex…..No sir/mam…I missed that completely …not sure how…..but I am cooking crow now.

  • Jack Jett

    Tim….Just read that you guys had nothing to do with this, not sure how I got that. Think I must have misread something over at the new Dallas Drudge Report known as Unfair Park. Please accept my sincere apologies (and to Wick) for suggesting that you guys or your publication had anything to do with this.

    I keep trying to learn how to cross more bridges than I burn and I keep failing the class. So again, I am sorry for the undeserved snark and I will be eating crow especially flown in from Midland in order to make peace within my mental universe.

  • William Henry Felloworth

    Be gay, accept homosexuality but I and many others don’t want it shoved in our face on a daily basis, and that is our right according to free speech. When Courtney gets lippy supporting what she does so be it, just feel free Courtney to not expect us all to feel the same way. Regardless of the way you spin this your wrong to keep shoving it to the forfront.

    • DelkusSleeves

      umm, you could turn off the TV, take the children outside, maybe go for a walk or a bike ride. Whatever it is, enjoy the world hidden in your little safe cocoon hidden away from reality

    • mustang 66

      But all the gay people had to grow up with Ozzie and Harriet and Ward and June kissing (were they acting or not?). With Michael Sam we see a real heartfelt human moment. But you are so offended…are you human?

  • frosty

    This is what it has come to . . . you get fired these days for having an opposing view against the “politically correct” mafia.

  • losingmyreligion

    Um, no, it doesn’t. Only when the government is involved. Otherwise, private individuals, companies, they can fire away. What no one in this country has is CONSEQUENCE-free free speech. You say something hateful or stupid, you can get called on it. Ask Donald Sterling.

  • losingmyreligion

    As opposed to, say, getting fired for saying something against your employer? Do they have a right to do that? Not to sound like a broken record: There is no such thing as ‘consequence-free’ free speech. You say something stupid or hateful, you can get called on it. People can start just about any sort of boycott they want against you. That’s a form of free speech, too.

  • zaccrain

    Eric wrote that item to give everyone that impression, so it’s not a big surprise that people would get confused, Jack.

  • Ted

    Contrary to Humphries’ and Kushnir’s complaints. the more public displays of homosexual affection and sexuality everyone sees, the more likely everyone will be to understand them for what they are, and maybe we’ll finally stop hearing silly fumblings like “racist against homosexuals”.

  • Jack Jett

    Thanks Zac…but I must take total responsibility for running my mouth (again) and in such an accusatory way at Tim and Wick when clearly they were not involved. And yet today every gay man in Dallas I know is already using the “I’m going back to Midland” line. An out of state friend asked if Midland was a popular rehab center in Dallas. Of course I told her yes.

  • ShugAveryPee

    Suzie Humphries’ chins offend me every day. Especially when she’s talking passionately about something — like lasagna or Jesus — and all four jigglies give me the finger wave. Nuh-uh!

  • Jack Jett

    It did pass my mind how much of a role the bi-racial aspect of it played into the Amy/Susie shock. If someone is seeing their first kiss between two men my thought was it might have thrown them in a more dramatic way. Perhaps Amy would not have needed to go ALL the way to Midland.

  • ShugAveryPee

    Poor Odessa. No one ever wants to go there.

  • ShugAveryPee

    Bet Odessa is pissed

  • mustang 66

    I grew up loving Suzie. She was practically a avant-garde but goofy heroine. Someone you would expect to defend gay people as being a different sort herself. I now see here for what she really is and it’s a real shame and letdown.

  • Jack Jett

    I assume from what you say that these two men forced themselves into your home and began to kiss in front of your and your family thus the shoving it in your face. Otherwise it was an event of TV that came and went. Those that use the “free speech” or shoving in my face issue seem to looking for a reach around way. I can totally understand how straight people are not accustomed to seeing two people of the same sex kiss might be upon seeing it for the first time. I really do. Most people that have gay friends or associates would have been exposed or faced forced before.

  • Carol Watson

    I’m fairly new to the area and really expected a big city to be way more progressive than my little home town(s) back in Arkansas and Lousiana. What a shock, (seriously) to find so much hateful bigotry here, even more than back home.
    Since I’m new, I don’t know names so we’ll just go with “Ol’ lady” and “Bleach Blond”.
    Ol’ Lady doesn’t bother me so much because frankly, that generation and their messed up views are on the way out, so nothing she says really make any difference.
    Bleach Blond was great fun! I love to see bigotry run away (literally and figuratively), when they can’t get anybody to side with their hateful BS. Her ONLY option was to leave. Too bad we didn’t get to see the actual tears that I’m sure came as soon as she was off camera. Poor thing.
    People are going to learn that they can’t use their, race, status, or beliefs to hurt other people.
    Many thanks to the lady on the far left of the table for not backing down!!! That couldn’t have been easy, but you stood your ground and I absolutely adore you for it!