Separated at Birth: Wayne Hancock and Rick Gosselin

I apologize for my weak online Photoshoppery.


The first round of the NFL draft comes to prime time TV on Thursday. There’s probably no one in the country who’s better at predicting what will happen than the Dallas Morning News’ Rick Gosselin. Dude has a pretty sick list of NFL sources. With that as an excuse and with a tip from a longtime FrontBurnervian, I offer you the image above, which clearly shows that Wayne “The Train” Hancock and Gosselin were separated at birth. And, now that I think of it, I’m seeing a lot of Paul Scheer, too, the guy who plays Andre on The League.


  • Fake Hank III

    I give a you a surprised H/T for mentioning the great Wayne the Train. Are you sure Zac didn’t write this?

    • Tim Rogers

      I found Wayne the Train in 1995, with Thunderstorms and Neon Signs. Thanks to Mr. Eric Celeste. Use to see him every time he came to town. One of my Pandora stations is Wayne. So there. Don’t be so surprised.

  • Jackson

    The Austin Statesman reports that Hancock is in a hospital near his current home in Denton after a motorcycle crash last weekend that left him with a collapsed lung, broken ribs and a fractured elbow. Here’s wishing him the best, and hoping that the upcoming NFL draft doesn’t exact such a toll on Gosselin.

  • Ripped

    I had you pegged as a Creed fan.

  • Tim Rogers

    Watch it, pal.