• Borborygmus


    I was flying though the air unknown
    Looking for a place from above
    Oh the miles I have flown
    And then I found Love

    They have space, an airbase
    I was in, I never felt so wooed
    But you made me feel
    Yeah, you made me feel
    Like I’ve been screwed.

    Love a Virgin
    Like it’s the very first time
    Love a Virgin
    Southwest Airlines
    Your gates are mine.

    Going to let you into me, too
    Take you on party ride
    Lay yourself on our recliners
    By the end I’ll be your bride

    Love Field is fine, and it’s mine
    Those two gates, do you need more time?
    Do you need more lubrication
    To continue this flirtation?
    You can be my concubine.


    Love a Virgin, ooh, ooh
    Love a Virgin
    Feels so good inside
    When you Love me, and our heart beats, and I pay you.

  • Paul Hernandez

    Dallas politics just got exciting!