Poll: Should We Bury Interstate 30?

We suspect we know the answer.

This monster needs to be driven underground.
This monster needs to be driven underground.

The people have spoken about the future of Interstate 345, and the people (70% of them) agree with our May cover story: Interstate 345 should be torn down, and the street-scape along the eastern edge of downtown Dallas should be rebuilt.

Now we’d like to hear what you think of another of the proposals for which we’ve argued. As noted before, I’ll be surprised if we can’t reach an even greater level of consensus for burying a segment of Interstate 30. But some of you might have other ideas.


  • AeroRazavi

    A poll? Why not just go to an executive session and get back to us by Friday with the decision. If not Friday, Monday is okay too. We know you will make the right decision.

  • Senor

    We should build a chunnel. All the great, world-class cities have chunnels.

    • Brett Moore

      With a Ferris Wheel on top.

  • DelkusSleeves

    If this mornings traffic caused by the car fire on 345 is what having no 345 is like, then I pass

    • BradfordPearson

      I think this is a good defense of the teardown, actually. Using surface streets would allow you to avoid the traffic, instead of sitting on an elevated highway with nowhere to go.

  • TheSlowPath

    It would not be because: near-term and long term planning allow better rerouting than “Oh shit there’s a fire I wonder what I should do.”

    Tearing it down would allow Dallas to repair the grid and rejoin several streets, increasing grid capacity and flow.

  • Anny Nominus

    What about I-45 and 175 that tear through and divide the southern neighborhoods? Bury I-45 from S. Lamar to the mixmaster for greater access to and from these communities. Return 175 to a grade level street. This must be a holistic plan for all of Dallas, not pick-and-choose.

  • Bushwood Smithie

    Totally nonsensical. The surface streets are already there and available for use.

  • BradfordPearson

    But if you’re stuck on an elevated highway you can’t access them. If the traffic was instead on surface streets, it would allow for various reliefs in the case of a fire/collision/debris.

  • Bushwood Smithie

    Which streets would you “rejoin”? You can’t rejoin something that was never joined in the first place.

    Prior to the highway the area was mostly train tracks and rail yards. The smaller streets were already disjointed and the larger thoroughfares now move better because of the grade separation.

    The DART green line has done far more damage to the street grid and traffic flow in the area than the highway. Do you believe it should be removed?

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    A great opportunity! Put all the freeways underground, then tie them to the Downtown Underground Pedestrian Tunnels. Fear tornadoes, hail, or Godzilla no more!

  • DelkusSleeves

    this is true if you were on the bridge, but what about those that were on other roads or streets that took the excess traffic that chose to divert. Thats the traffic I was complaining about. But I guess thats my problem since I drive and do not bike or walk to work