One of many visions of the road that isn't going to happen. (concept drawing via NTTA)

Poll: Is the Trinity Parkway Dead?

What do you think about the future of the proposed toll road along the river?

Tim Rogers spelled out the matter in our May print product. The toll road that promised to bring with it transportation dollars that proponents said were the linchpin to making the entire Trinity River Corridor Project a reality won’t be built.

The plan is bad. The federal highway people aren’t crazy about the location. And, most significantly, we don’t have the money to build it. Yet a few local officials have continued to insist it’s a necessity.

So what do you think?


  • Tom Hooper

    As a native of the area, I have certainly changed my opinions on what makes a city a city. Travel to other parts of the world, experiencing Seattle, New York, Boston, Los Angeles , Chicago, for example exposed me to what works, and what does not work. The automobile oriented city is doomed in an era of diminishing resources. We need to get on board.

  • AeroRazavi

    On thing is dying is the reliable public works vote in Dallas. Whether it was for the Convention Center Hotel or Trinity Toll-Road, Northern Dallas would finance the campaign in Southern Dallas, namely black voters. But Southern Dallas’ black voting population is increasingly becoming smaller. The grandchildren and children of some of these voters live in Plano or Cedar Hill, not Bon Ton

    .The “wild card” is “Hispanic” voters. I put Hispanic quotes because there is no real definition of Hispanic – it is a moving target label. Now it is not exactly a secret that “Hispanics” do not vote in the numbers they could be voting in, the reason I am sure are numerous. Even if they did vote in the numbers they could be voting in, there’s no guarantee that Hispanics will all vote the same way on any particular issue.

  • Peter Brady

    Although D Magazine has apologized, it has apologized in its magazine for the wrong reasons. The primary reason it should apologize is because it knowingly help sell a real estate redevelopment scheme along the Trinity Corridor. Who cares if they were wrong about link b/w funding the highway and the rest of the park?

    I think Wick’s apology tour in the Dallas Observer was the closest thing to telling the true intent of the 1998 bond package.

  • kimbrolio

    Tear it down!

    Wait, which road we talkin’ about again?

  • Abby Nonimous

    Why don’t we move I-345 to inside the levy and just call it a day?

  • mr_lakewood

    Let’s hope we have all learned something in the past decade or so — if not from our own experience then from others. This is a really bad idea. Time to let it go and enjoy the freedom to create the lakes and parks without this divisive albatross.

  • mrEmannE

    What we have to remember is that the lakes and parks are just the “lipstick on the pig”. As long as city hall takes its marching orders from private businessmen and not from the public at large, this monstrosity is still in with a chance, regardless of what the experts at the Army Corps of Engineers have to say about it. If we turn our backs for even a moment, there it’ll be.

  • Bill Betzen

    The Trinity River Toll Road will never be build. Dallas will not always resist diversion of through traffic that has no business downtown. Once that traffic is driving around Dallas instead of through the heart, the need for a river bottom toll road is gone!