Leading Off (5/7/14)

You should put down your phone while driving in Denton, and other news you can use.

Cowboys Release Renderings of New Headquarters: And, hey, they look exactly like everything else in Frisco. Good job blending in, fellas!

Denton Bans Texting While Driving: And tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming, and e-mailing. And presumably Tindering, Snapchatting, Pathing, and Squarming, but I can’t be sure. Better safe than sorry.

City Council to Mull Love Field Gates Today: Or, in Councilman Philip Kingston’s words: “We’re going to waste some time Wednesday…Then maybe we’ll waste some more time.”

The Rangers Lost, Gave Up 21 Hits: In brighter news, though, Mitch Moreland retired the Rockies in order in the eighth, en route to becoming just the sixth Rangers positional player to ever pitch in a game.