Leading Off (5/6/14)

Richard Branson Takes Tequila Shot. Hmm. And he wants some gates at Love Field. Let me propose the following: Branson and Kelleher do shots together all the time, so frequently that the phrase “Let’s do shots” for them to me, us, means something more along the lines of “Have a seat?”

Headington Splits With Consilient. I’m trying to decide what a “press release offered exclusively to the Dallas Morning News” means. Because that’s not how a press release works. From the description, that sounds like an email sent to someone rather than an exclusive press release. In other words, it’s an email. Sent to one person. Which is not a press release. Whatever. It’s funny. But just consider this post a press release offered exclusively to you, the dear FrontBurnervian.

Let’s Watch Out for Fake Drugs. You’ve heard of K2? No? Well, it’s not good for you. Let’s be careful out there. Except for Zac. He’s insane and need not care. What?