Leading Off (5/5/14)

Mavs Fall to Spurs, Buzz Cuts for Cancer, Weekend Fires, and the La Bajada Community Farm.

Mavs Fall to Spurs in Game 7. Well crud. Spurs 119, Mavs 96. But heck of a ride, right?

Hundreds Shave Heads During Cancer Fundraiser. Boston-based charity One Mission visited AT&T Stadium Sunday for the first-annual Kids Cancer Buzz Off, shaving some 211 heads and raising $130,000. In the charity’s first four years of existence, it’s raised more than $2 million for families and children battling pediatric cancer. Tip: grab a tissue before watching this video of Sunday’s event.

Fires Hit Area Over the Weekend. As Nancy Nichols reported Sunday, a small fire atop the roof of Nick and Sam’s caused the restaurant to temporarily close. A house fire in Southeast Dallas Saturday night left a firefighter injured with burns over 35 to 40 percent of his body. In Tarrant County, twelve units at The Legacy apartment complex were damaged in a two-alarm fire, displacing dozens of residents. A man died Saturday night in a house fire in West Dallas, and in Arlington, a man was rescued from his one-bedroom apartment during a blaze.

More Plans Emerge for La Bajada Community Farm. Much of this report is unclear, such as when the meeting took place, what the plans are for securing the $1.5 million they say it will take to build and run the farm for two years, and what the deal is with the nonprofit, but the University of Texas at Arlington graduate students have presented their ideas for the community farm. And many are optimistic that the community support is there. It sounds pretty similar to what Farraz Khan reported in February. Still a cool idea, still kind of up in the air.


  • Sean M. Wood

    LOVE Front/Burner. LOVE “Leading Off.” HATE the phrase, “first annual.” It’s up there with anxious in place of eager and the improper use of “literally.”
    Everything else is gold.

  • Long Memory

    Sorry about the Mavs. But still, nothing approaches the Nelson Cruz World Series choke. (Which reminds me: I saw another big leaguer do the same thing in right field in St. Louis recently. Maybe I’m too tough on Nellie. I just hurts to consider it.)