Leading Off (5/28/14)

It's so hard, to say goodbye, to Chart Westcott.

People Win, Lose Texas Primaries: Patrick over Dewhurst. Paxton over Branch. Alameel over Rogers. Ratcliffe over Hall. Koop over Carter. Meyer over Westcott. Oak Cliff over East Dallas. Batman over Superman. Faulkner over Hemingway. Regular over sweet potato. Pac over BIG.

RIP Ralph Hall’s Congressional Tenure: As I mentioned above, 91-year-old Ralph Hall lost in the Republican primary to John Ratcliffe. This is a man who, two years ago, went skydiving in an American flag onesie. Keep it real in retirement, Ralph.

RIP Chart Westcott’s Campaign: That was fun, wasn’t it? And, this past week, when Westcott was shedding supporters like they were a layer of winter fur, one surprising ally stuck with him: Troy Aikman. He also stopped by the concession party last night.

RIP Sean Lee’s Uninjured Knee: This is surprising, because Arlington-based sports teams have had such great luck lately with injuries.

RIP Big State Drug’s Sabbatical: This is of limited appeal, but that limit extends to our own Liz Johnstone, who speaks fondly of what I imagine to be a very average grilled cheese at Irving’s Big State Drug. Turns out that dream may not die. The new owner—Rick Fairless, of Strokers motorcycle bar/NOT gentleman’s club—promises to “keep the Big State name and make it a true 1950s soda fountain shop.” Perhaps he’ll bring some of that Strokers charm to Big State Drug.


  • Dan Koller


  • J Jones

    Chart didn’t completely lose last night. His family’s PAC dropped a lot of money into Bob Hall’s successful State Senate race. I’ll bet that those tens of thousands helped Hall get those 300 votes that he needed to ultimately win.

    Congrats to the Westcotts on their victory in East Texas!

  • RAB

    Correction: Hemingway over Faulkner. (You must have been looking at the early returns, like a Truman/Dewey thing.)

  • Bill Marvel

    Fairless’ mom made awesome burgers.