Leading Off (5/2/14)

A rapist gets probation, Denton wants Sriracha, and a family investigates their son's death.

Judge Says 14-Year-Old Rape Victim Was Asking For It. Look at the facts, according to State District Judge Jeanine Howard: The girl texted the guy wanting to “spend time” with him (we all know what that means), she’d agreed to have sex with him (no backsies), and medical records indicate the girl had had three sexual partners (so what’s one more matter?) and given birth to a baby (mothers can’t be sexually assaulted). That’s why Howard sentenced Sir Young to five years probation after he pled guilty. “My job is not to make people happy. My job is to follow the Constitution and do the right thing. I will always do the right thing,” she said.

Denton Hasn’t Abandoned Its Sriracha Dreams. A delegation from the city, including City Councilman Kevin Roden, was invited to visit the California headquarters of Huy Fong Foods, the maker of the hot sauce. The team will make a pitch for why the company, which has had legal run-ins with its hometown, should relocate to Little D.

Keller Family Pushes For Probe of Son’s Mysterious Death. Dammion Heard’s body was found hanging from a tree in Colorado, where he was a student, last month, a few days after he’d gone missing. The local police seemed satisfied that Heard committed suicide, but his family aren’t buying it. They’ve hired a prominent Denver attorney to investigate.


  • Dubious Brother

    The double standard of the liberal judge is truly amazing. The woman’s sexual history becomes relevant and with 3 sex partners and a baby at age 14 it is messed up to be polite. What about the man’s? How many sex partners has Sir had and how many babies, other than his “fiance’s,” does he have running around? I would wager that neither of them has a father that is active in their life.
    With actions like this by the judge, who has 2 daughters of her own, how are we to expect women to come forward after being raped? I wonder what the anti domestic violence mayor has to say about this.

  • billholston

    the girl said no. The lawyer and the kid both admit it is rape. It is rape. The girl’s past is completely irrelevant. Rape is rape. It’s not that complicated.

    Girl says no, it’s over. Even if she said yes to somebody else. Even if she’s had a baby. Even if she said yes before. Even if she changes her mind. Even if ….fill in the blank.

  • Marc Minor

    Lets not be naive, he wasn’t found guilty, he
    pleaded guilty, so since he had a lawyer it is safe
    to assume there was a plea deal. There is way more to
    this case then we have privy to. They were about to
    dig deep into her background and the DA didn’t want
    that so they stopped the trial and pleaded him out.

  • Blackstone

    Because the child was below the age of consent , yes or no is irrelevant as to guilt. What happens to the defendant next insofar as punishment goes can be extremely complicated – and ALL facts and circumstances should be weighed and considered separate and apart from media publicity, political correctness, and pressures from interest groups, sometimes anguished parents languishing under a total ignorance or misapprehension of facts , and pandering to the press by elected officials trying to gain advantage for their next election campaign – therefore the end result punishment in this case might have been totally appropriate . Part of the problem here is created when a judge chooses to publicize the rationale behind a decision which invades the purpose of rape shield laws designed to prevent an attack on the “victims” character , which prompted the outcries of protest. The punishment in this case was NOT necessarily out of bounds.