Leading Off (5/20/14)

DISD home-rule debate, a mailman kills a dog, and a naked man attacks an Oak Cliff woman.

Dallas ISD Trustees Aren’t Happy About Home Rule. Eight of the nine school board members oppose the proposal to transform DISD into a home-rule district, but they are compelled by law to form a committee to draft a home-rule charter for voters to consider. That’s because more than 48,000 signatures were gathered by proponents of home rule. At Monday’s meeting the board outlined its plan for the process of appointing members to the committee, which they have 30 days to create.

Couple Accuses Mailman of Killing Their Dog. Allegedly the postal carrier hit their pet with a rock, shattering its skull and severely injuring its spine. The dog had to be euthanized. The post office is investigating the incident, but stated that in this instance the mailman was defending himself from a dog attack.

Naked Man Jumps Through Sunroof, Attacks Woman. Near the intersection of Zang Boulevard and Oakenwald Street in Oak Cliff, the nude guy dove through the opening on top of a car and started choking the driver and pulling at her hair. This was after he’d already attacked a woman jogging with her baby. Police responded quickly and arrested 23-year-old Nicholas Dyll.


  • fostokes

    If I’m reading this correctly, Group A, which is overwhelmingly opposed to this effort, is being forced to form Group B , who would create a proposition that if passed, would severely diminish group A’s influence?


    • Dubious Brother

      Not unlike asking Congress to pass term limits although in this case the citizens are forcing the issue.