Leading Off (5/13/14)


Toyota Gets Plano’s Sofa Cushion Change. The lead from the DMN: “The City Council approved an economic incentive package Monday for Toyota that links $6.75 million in grants to construction of a new headquarters that will offer 3,650 full-time jobs.” Kudos to you, Plano. This is like when I sucker my 8-year-old daughter into taking a quarter to pick up all the dog poop in the backyard. It’s a win-win. But one of the wins is a bit bigger than the other one.

Former Dallas Assistant Police Chief Goes Missing. Gregory Holliday is 63. He left his home and was last seen at 2 p.m. walking near the 5800 block of Campbell Road, in Far North Dallas. According to the police report, police believe he could be armed and may harm himself. You can see a pic of him here.

Weather Happened. The paper went with team coverage yesterday. That team: Robert Wilonsky.

New Rudy’s Chicken Location Causes Confusion, Chicken. You know about Rudy’s. It’s the chicken joint in Oak Cliff (or the Southern Sector or whatever). You probably think you know that the city gave Rudy’s $890,000 to open a new restaurant. What you don’t know is that a whole bunch of that sum went toward buying some land from Rudy. Beside the point. Right now, I want to point you to this story. Because ONE: “ ‘Man, the chicken is so good you drive from New Orleans to Dallas to get it,’ regular customer Shady Mack said.” I love any story where a source is identified by nickname only, especially if that nickname is Shady Mack. I’m a little sad that the WFAA reporter, Rebecca Lopez, couldn’t find someone named Fingers Friedman. Because TWO: “The new two-lane drive-thru was supposed to be better, but it’s confusing to many customers, and causing traffic jams. ‘It’s frustrating and creates an opportunity for something to happen,’ Aubrey Hayes said.” Little disappointed that Aubrey isn’t named Aubrey Awesome or something. But happy that her concerns were aired. I think everyone can agree that none of us wants “something to happen.” Because THREE: “Elvin Gamble eats at Rudy’s Chicken three or four times a week, but on Monday he sat in line for 20 minutes just to order. ‘The wait’s very but worth it,’ he said. ‘Some good chicken.’ ” Maybe Elvin Gamble IS a nickname. Not sure. Real name could be Dwarfish Risk. I’m reaching. But you get my point. BUT HOLY GOD HE WAITED 20 MINUTES TO ORDER FOOD. I mean, this is injustice. Sure, sure, sure. He acknowledges that the wait is worth it. But the wait’s very. Until it is very SOMETHING, none of us should rest easy.


  • Tish

    The Rudy’s Chicken write-up was the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. It was so which is why I liked.

    Gizzards Richardson II