Leading Off (5/12/14)

Unpaid tolls, changing attitudes toward football, an unlikely entrance, and flash-flood warnings.

Tollway Offenders, NTTA is Coming for You. I have $8 in unpaid tolls, which I’m going to pay here in a second. Either way, that doesn’t put me on the list of some 30,000 serial offenders, people who’ve racked up at least 100 unpaid tolls. First of all, wow. Secondly, expect to hear from the NTTA shortly. Then, if they catch you on one of their 145 miles of highways, expect to have your registration blocked or car impounded.

Are Attitudes Changing Toward Football in Texas? A bit, says the New York Times, which highlights Marshall’s decision, in particular, to turn tackle football in the seventh grade to flag football. Research and high-profile brain-injury cases, such as Tony Dorsett’s, are contributing to the change.

Man Drops Through Ceiling of Fort Worth Bar. It’s unclear why Lacey Boyd Gregg had been hiding from police for hours. It’s also unclear how he got into the ceiling of Oscar’s Pub. But around 10 p.m. Saturday night, the ceiling gave, and he fell through. Gregg was kept in the kitchen until police arrived.

More Flood Warnings for Today. We’re under a flash-flood watch from 4 p.m. today until 5 a.m. tomorrow. Two to three inches of rain are expected, and just in time for evening rush hour.