Leading Off (5/1/14)

Mavs Lose. Like Game 1, the Mavs got down big early and battled all the way back. Unlike Game 1, they got down semi-big again and never were able to get level again. Good news: DeJuan Blair, suspended for Game 5 and sort of a Spurs killer in Game 4, will be back on Friday. Better news: Dirk Nowitzki finally had the kind of game that has made me regularly scream/type “I SEE YOU, BIG GERMAN.” So, we’ll see. I like their chances but I am, despite a fair amount of evidence to the contrary, a relentless optimist.

If You’re Down About That Mavs Loss, Read This Story About What 9-Year-Old Ben Pierce Wants To See Before He Goes Blind. And then realize you’ve got it pretty dang good. Because he is going to go blind, and probably fairly soon. Man, I now feel like a jerk for about 90 percent of what I did in April. I’d like to say I’m going to change now, but …

Streetcar Won’t Go Very Far, Run When You Want It To. Other than that, sounds great. Peter is not surprised.

Arson Destroys Playground. Fantastic work, [redacted word]!

“Misappropriation of Funds Suspected at Prime Prep Academy.” They happen so regularly, I now use stories regarding new allegations of hoodwinkery and so on at the school as reminder that it’s time to pay my rent.


  • Edward

    You know you are in trouble when Ron Price of all people thinks you’ve done something fishy with the public’s money.

    Financial hoodwinkery is taking place every day in the poorly run, for-profit charter school scam that is trying to take over our public education system. When the superintendent of two or three charter schools makes more money than the superintendent of Houston ISD or Dallas ISD, something is terribly wrong.
    From hiring everyone’s unqualified relatives to fake rental agreements, there seems to be a theme for the charter school movement –rip off as much taxpayer money as you can while doing a worse job of educating our kids than the public schools.