Dazed and Confused on Al Jazeera America

'Shops' will benefit from Toyota's relocation, expert contends.

FrontBurnervians who know me as a reactionary, mediocrity-defending supporter of Texas conservative things might be surprised by my live appearance last night on Al Jazeera America’s Real Money with Ali Velshi show, talking about Toyota’s move to Plano. (Al Jazeera’s the outfit that took over Al Gore’s old cable channel, Current TV.) Between sputtering something about how “shops” will benefit from the Toyota move—and a record number of “Uh’s” (Jeanne Prejean counted 47, I think)—I also neglected to correct the (substitute) host when he called me the editor of D magazine. (Sorry, Cristina!) I don’t think Cal Jillson has anything to worry about.


  • Jackson

    Very informative, Glenn. I learned from you that DFW Airport is “next to Plano.” Is that like Love Field is basically “next to” HP and UP?

    I carry no brief for Grapevine, Farmers Branch, Dallas, Irving, Arlington, Hurst, Bedford, Fort Worth, Euless, Colleyville, but they may beg to differ with you. Come to think of it, HP and UP are closer to DFW Airport than is Plano.

    I think you were so shocked at A/ the promotion to Executive Editor at D, and B/ appearing on a network funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar, that you froze.

    Your hair looked good. That’s my takeaway.

  • GAA

    Toyota moved to Plano because of the Tundra Texas Edition. Texas is the number one market for pickup trucks plain and simple.

  • Eric Celeste

    Who is that hunka Michael Douglas!?

    • Queenie

      You’ve just made Glenn’s day.

  • Matt Davis

    Toyota moved for one single reason…that is California is a terrible place to do business. Its all about dollars. Wall Street Journal has a great article about this. Toyota is just another company fleeing the super liberal anti-business CA.
    Drive around ‘shops’ and you constantly see CA license plates of people moving to west Plano from CA. People vote with their feet and they move to places where they can find good jobs with a low cost of living.

  • Eric

    If you POACH jobs instead of CREATE jobs then there is a NET ZERO economic effect.
    If you move because the new location will look the other way on almost all things, that isn’t good either.
    If you move because you can save millions in payroll and benefits, make your own huge salary go farther, and live even more luxuriously, that is pure selfishness.
    If you move because they pay you a huge sum of money, that was once considered BRIBERY.