David Dewhurst: Savin’ Babies, Protectin’ Ladies

Released Monday, Dewhurst clearly hired Bret and Jermaine to funkify his campaign.

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If you’re voting in the Republican primary, and still haven’t decided between Dan Patrick and David Dewhurst, maybe this video will help.

Released Monday, Dewhurst clearly hired Bret and Jemaine to funkify his campaign. I hope the cost of hiring a writer, finding a singer that doesn’t mind singing “The lieutenant gov you gotta love,” buying the music, and paying a videographer was worth it for those 766 views.

(h/t, @goodmoine)


  • TXconservagirl

    How can you knock the amount of views if it was just released last night?

    • LDR4

      Because freedom.

  • Harley Crimson

    Savin’ Ladies
    Protectin’ Babies.

    It pays to pray the gay away…so
    come in today ..Free beards
    through the month of May!