Dan Branch Endorses Morgan Meyer

Do we still need to hold the election?

The Morning News ran an editorial today endorsing Morgan Meyer over Chart Westcott for District 108. I guess that kinda matters. You know what really matters? Dan Branch’s endorsement. Especially when he says that he didn’t really want to get involved but he just had to because the other guy is a joke. Westcott really screwed the pooch on this one. Here’s the statement from Branch:

(Dallas May 23, 2014) State Representative Dan Branch, who has served District 108 more than 12 years, today endorsed Republican Morgan Meyer to succeed him.

“In this race, I admire both men and their families. It was always my intention to stay neutral, but this week a line was crossed,” said Representative Dan Branch.

“Morgan Meyer will honorably serve our state, putting first the needs of our district and not those of outside special interests. I’m proud to endorse Morgan Meyer because he has the judgment, insight and temperament that our communities need,” Branch continued.

Dan Branch is not seeking re-election, and is currently in a run-off election for the GOP nomination for Texas Attorney General.

“I’m honored to have Representative Branch’s support. For more than a decade, Dan has provided strong leadership focused on the issues that matter to our families. He’s been an advocate for smaller government and less spending, and he’s become a respected leader on school finance reform and higher education. If elected, I’ll work hard to continue his legacy of serving our families, our community and our great state,” said Morgan Meyer.


  • rjd

    What kind of sick world do we live in where a Dan Branch endorsement outweighs a LeVar Burton endorsement?

  • J Jones

    I’d love to see D Magazine dig deeper into this whole Westcott thing. Bob Deuell has an ultra right winger – Bob Hall – running against him. No surprise that Empower Texans is giving Hall tons of money. But what’s curious is that Chart’s PAC ( north texas conservative coalition or something) just dumped tens of thousands into the race for Hall.

    Why would that PAC get so involved in this random race? Does Chart have a deal worked out with the tea partiers that if he dumps tons of $ into Hall through his PAC that the tea partiers will then throw their support to Chart?

    All you have to do is check the texas ethics page to see the funding. It’s a transparent process.

  • Jackson

    I looked at Chart Westcott’s website. In his long list of “Supporters,” there are many, many gold-plated names. Names who should bloody well know better. I’m looking at you, Troy Aikman, and you, Ruth Altshuler, and you, Tincy Miller. But I was struck by the name Frank Branson. I’ve been to too many Democratic Party parties at trial lawyer Frank and Debbie’s house. No way Frank endorses Chart Westcott’s nutty politics. More likely, since the Branson’s live in the district and know that the winner of the Republican primary will also win in November, Frank sent a contribution before Westcott imploded, just to say he had a little skin in the game. Maybe Frank knows Chart’s dad Carl, or helped young Chart out of a jam. God knows, but it ain’t because he supports the rightwinger’s politics, that’s for sure. Westcott probably decided that anybody who sent a check must be a supporter and so he’s put them all on his list. Whatever, I smell a rat.


  • Harley Crimson

    Crossing the line for Dan Branch could include shaking the hands of a Democrat.

  • Chart’s Dad

    I endorse Mrs Meyer. Morgan has a touch of the doucher.