Compromise Group Puts Out Proposed Compromise Charter for Home Rule

Accountability Charter put forth by DISD stakeholders

I’ve got 2.5 more days to go at the day job, and then I’ll have some news for you kids on my next endeavor. (I know, I know, I’m a nomad, what can I say?) In the meantime, I can’t post all my thoughts on matters such as these until I have more time to do so, which should happen in a few weeks.

Until then, just know that the Home Rule discussion is already making me insane, and I will have much to say about it. One group that is producing reasonable discussion is the group led by attorney Mark Melton, who is trying to broker a peace between the pro- and anti-Home Rule groups. Today his group of DISD stakeholders produced a press release announcing a proposed charter that we could all vote on (theoretically) in November. From the release:

The proposed “accountability charter” leaves the district’s nine single member districts intact and proposes no changes to district borders, trustees or election cycles. True to its name, the “accountability charger” adds term limits that allow trustees to serve a maximum of three terms and also includes a recall provision for trustees that mirrors the Dallas city council’s recall provision. The charter also empowers the Board of Trustees to set the first day of the school year at their discretion and requires that the district give (at least) an annual report of educational outcomes against established benchmarks. Under the “accountability charter,” the district remains subject to all other provisions in the Texas Education Code, as it is currently. Specifically, teacher protections in chapter 21 of the Texas Education Code remain in place, without change.

“Our hope is that the commission will consider adopting this charter,” said Mark Melton, a Dallas ISD parent and member of the group. “It’s in the best interest of our city and the district to address the issues of home rule sooner rather than later, as opposed to allowing such a potentially-divisive fight to drag on for years.”

The press release and the proposed charter are attached. Haag should have something up at the DMN soon, so check there for, you know, an actual story about this.

Press Release for Accountability Charter

Accountability Charter

UPDATE: Haag post is up.


  • Suzanne

    I assume you are going to work for a real estate developer?

    • Eric Celeste

      I am once again sorry to prove the conspiracy theorists wrong. But keep trying!

  • Suzanne

    Choctaw Casino? Hunt for Mayor? Liquor distributor? TELL ME NOW THE KILLING ME WITH SUSPENSE, OLD MAN.

  • AmyS

    This made me wonder. DISD used to start much earlier in the year (along with other districts). Are they saying that the later start date has degraded the students’ testing performance? There should be numbers to chew to back that up. And I do not remember once hearing that the start date was the cause of the test results going down.

    I do remember, when our kids were in school, parents LOVED the later start date. Would hate to put a bandaid on something that isn’t bleeding. In fact this whole proposal really seems like tissue paper, not even a bandaid. Looks great, until it gets wet.

    Dr. H. is moving back to Dallas. Can’t we ask him?