Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 16

Baths, performing at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest.
Baths, performing at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Our little pal to the north will be getting just a bit cooler this evening, as Denton celebrates the opening of its first dedicated food truck lot. Located just a block off of the square, the Austin St. Truck Stop will feature such healthy fare as The Waffle Wagon and the Dough Boys Pizza Truck. Food trucks can be tricky, ordinance-wise, but luckily for the fans of vehicle-sourced pseudo dinners served concession-style, they had a dedicated political voice articulating their demands. That would be Denton City Councilman Kevin Roden, who has been a highly visible food truck champion over the past two years, and who seems to be a generally outspoken food commerce advocate in general. Tonight’s lot opening is indicative of Roden’s proactive stance on the issue, which has consisted of  “tweaking” the details of food truck-related ordinances with the fellow members of his council just so.

In somewhat related news, I was surprised to see the strong words for the Denton Record Chronicle on Councilman Roden’s website yesterday. In a rather blunt post titled “The Tragic Irrelevance of the Denton Record Chronicle,” the Belo-owned paper is taken to task for completely ignoring the city council debate that took place at Dan’s Silverleaf on Monday night, ahead of next month’s election. It’s worth a read. If you’d like to break in the Austin St. Truck Stop, it’s open from 5 pm until 11 pm this evening. As for Dan’s Silverleaf, they will not be featuring any politicians onstage tonight, but instead will host Adam Carroll, a fairly successful singer-songwriter from Austin. That’s a far more common sight at the storied venue.

In Dallas proper this evening, there is a party at the Cory Pope showroom for designer Erinn Valencich, who will be toasting to her recent involvement in NBC’s American Dream Builders. Valencich will be showcasing her new housewares, just in time for her debut. Cocktails and finger foods will be available as well.

Finally, if you’re looking to be rattled, as opposed to spending a calm evening out nibbling on tiny foods, there is the Baths show at Club Dada. One man concentrating at his laptop may not sound that exciting to some, but his performance at the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin a while back still remains one of the loudest and visceral sets I’ve seen in recent memory. I should mention that I do have a bad habit of resting my head against refrigerator-sized PA speakers, so factor that in.

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