Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 14

Oral Fixation moves to the Wyly and Mac DeMarco sells out in Fort Worth.

Mac DeMarco. Photo by Andi Harman.
Mac DeMarco. Photo by Andi Harman.

It’s always assumed that Mondays are a dead night, but that’s never entirely true if you know where to look. This evening is a great example, as we have at least one completely sold-out show, and it’s in Fort Worth, making it even more of an outlier. I mean no offense by that, of course, and count yourself lucky if you already have tickets to the Mac DeMarco performance at Lola’s Saloon this evening. We caught DeMarco’s much-discussed set in Denton last year, though I don’t know if I was entirely blown away by his tongue-in-cheek cover of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business.” Luckily, local act the Fungi Girls are opening, and they would never put you through something like that.

Next up, we have an event that is so likely to sell out, they had to actually change the venue. Now in its third season, the crowd-sourced, Moth-like, outpouring of personal quirk, triumph, and woe—Oral Fixation, has moved to the Studio Theatre, on Level 6 of the Wyly Theatre. The move was due to the fact that accommodating all who would like to eavesdrop on the often intensely personal tales has proven difficult in the past. Tonight’s theme is “Ducks in a Row,” and though there is usually a loose thread that ties the group of stories together, it is by no means entirely strict or limiting. Case in point: Tonight’s event deals with everything from familial disharmony, to OCD, to late-in-life bike training. Tickets are still available as I type this.

Finally, and as always, Cool Out is at the Crown and Harp this evening, just in case you need a cheap drink after listening to a group of adults peer so closely at themselves in public.

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