Morning News Pushes For Burying I-30

A neighborhood killer.  (photo by Scott Womack)
A neighborhood killer. (photo by Scott Womack)

It’s nice to have the Dallas Morning News recognize the destructiveness of urban interstate highways, as they do in this editorial. A taste:

The chance to restore the physical connection between East Dallas and South Dallas, with a walkable link to Fair Park, would change the face and function of two of the most important and historic areas of the city. Both East and South Dallas suffered decline after the interstate’s construction.

Welcome to the party, guys. We’ve been advocating for this idea since 2010, and we continue to do so in our May issue.


  • Greg Brown

    I-30 is truly the 800 lb Gorilla in the room when everyone is talking about tearing down I-345. NOTHING can be made more efficient or livable downtown if that mess of a concrete car river is not redesigned.

    • Matt

      I have thought the same thing. When I moved to Dallas in 2006, I didn’t think much of I-345, because I technically didn’t know it existed; I just thought 45 changed designation to 75.

      But when you cross 30…you can just feel how it separates everything.

    • Hal K

      I was thinking that that DMN is trying to change the subject from I-345 to I-30.

  • Bob Johnston

    If they really want to bury something, why not I-30 from Lamar to Akard or 45? It’s already below ground level; all we need is a park to be over it to connect downtown to S. Dallas.

    • zaccrain

      That’s been talked about before, too, and it is included in some of those plans. I’m sure, if this got to the actual planning stages, at least some sort of deck park in the canyon area would seriously be considered. There would have even been more momentum for this if the city had gone with Jack Matthews’ plan to put the Convention Center hotel on the I-30 side of the Convention Center, but alas.

  • Greg Brown

    Because Patrick Kennedy didn’t think of it???

  • mdunlap1

    Yeah, I immediately thought of that article from Wick when I saw the DMN editorial. Better late than never I guess.

    So when do they finally reverse their idiotic endorsement of the Trinity Tollway?