Leading Off (4/8/14)

How horny do Tuesdays make you? Yeah, me, too.

Basketball Happened. Not gonna lie. I started compiling this morning’s Leading Off shortly after the UConn-Kentucky game. At 11 o’clock, the UConn student paper still hadn’t published the news. Too busy getting drunk, burning cars? Dunno. But the Kentucky student paper was on top of it. Also this: the UConn paper is called the Daily Campus. The Kentucky paper is called the Kernal. So explain to me again how Kentucky lost?

An Article About the Proposed Bullet Train Between Dallas and Houston! Our analytics tell us that people are pumped about this topic. So get pumped. Executive summary: who doesn’t loves trains? But bullet trains are expensive!

North Texas Likes To Lick Fingers, Eat Fried (And Other Sorts Of) Chicken. Yum Brands owns KFC and sells wings via WingStreet. It will try a new concept called Super Chix. Right now, there’s only one location, at West Park Row Drive and South Cooper Street, in Arlington. So I just told you that because. Um, chicken?

Sky Mirror Demands Sacrifice. You know all about the 80 concerts planned for the American Country Music Awards next year at the Death Star. Cool. If you like country music and large crowds of strangers touching you and having loud conversations on their cellphones when someone is performing and those conversating people ought to be paying attention to said performer. (Me, I’d rather stay home and eat chicken. Or even seitan, which my wife is now pushing at the house.)

Is There a Cancer Cluster in Flower Mound? The Texas Department of State Health Services is having another look at the data.


  • jawshomily

    Does Betteridge’s law apply to Leading Off?

    • I Am Spartacus

      Does Betteridge’s Law also apply to attorney ads that have been at the top of FrontBurner consistently for 3 months?

  • Reeder

    I’m so excited to have PDQ come into this market. The chicken is the best of its kind and has better sauces (that don’t say “peel here” or “packaged in” anywhere on them) than Chick-Fil-A or Raising Canes. EatPDQ!